Irish agri-tech business acquires wastewater and effluent treatment company

Irish agri-tech business BHSL has announced plans to takeover a wastewater and effluent treatment company, Hydro International, for an undisclosed sum.

This deal will reportedly be the first step in BHSL’s strategy to expand the range of applications of its patented, fluidised bed combustion (FBC) technology.

It is expected that the existing operations and the 25 staff of Hydro International will be merged with BHSL, with Hydro’s Managing Director, PJ Finn, heading up a new BHSL-Hydro division.

Hydro International specialises in designing, as well as implementing, wastewater purification and effluent treatment systems for a wide range of applications.

Its systems operate across the food, dairy, abattoirs, paper production, and pharmaceuticals industries.

By integrating Hydro and BHSL’s technologies, it is hoped the company will be able to provide a full treatment solution for customers – with Hydro’s expertise in removing water and moisture from waste, as well as BHSL’s ability to generate heat and electricity from the solid residue.

Meanwhile, the ash remaining following the FBC process reportedly provides an additional revenue stream, on top of electricity/heat cost savings.

The remaining ash will allegedly have a high phosphate and potash content, which would make it an “ideal fertiliser“.

The acquisition of Hydro International supports BHSL’s strategy to expand into a broader environmental solutions business – focused on extracting value from waste products, according to BHSL’s Managing Director Declan O’Connor.

Hydro provides a strong platform for targeting the industrial and municipal waste sectors given their impressive existing customer base.

“Our very well supported fund raising process provides us with the financial resources to underpin our growth strategy, including through further acquisitions,” he said.

‘The merger provides an excellent platform’

The merger with BHSL provides an excellent platform for the treatment company, the Founder and Managing Director of Hydro International, Pj Finn, explained.

“The combination with BHSL provides an excellent platform for us to take the business to the next level of growth.

“Hydro International has a track record of delivering and commissioning over 500 plants in our 21 years of business, and we share BHSL’s commitment to technological innovation and exceptional customer service,” he said.

The treatment company specialises in services including: sludge dewatering; sludge drying and pelletising; water recycling; as well as biological and chemical wastewater treatment.

On the other hand, BHSL has developed a unique, patent-protected system to convert poultry manure into a fuel for energy generation on-farm.

The Co. Limerick-based company’s technology aims to transform poultry production, by turning a cost centre (dealing with waste manure) into a source of fuel – thereby driving farm profitability through reduced energy bills.