Improve your margins by choosing the most-suitable renewable energy system

A well-chosen renewable energy system will reduce both your energy bills and your carbon footprint. These systems also have the ability to increase your income and provide an effective way to manage farm slurries and other waste streams.

Taking place on October 25 and 26, the Energy Now Expo Ireland will provide guidance on the different systems available.

Located at The Hub, Cillin Hill, Co. Kilkenny, it will also introduce you to organisations with a proven track record in the development of these schemes.

Featuring an exhibition of over 70 suppliers, the event will host a multi-streamed conference with dedicated sessions on various topics. These include: anaerobic digestion and biogas; biomass; energy storage; heat pumps; solar; and wind.

An exciting list of speakers is also lined up to speak at the event.

Speakers include:
  • James Murphy, IFA (Irish Farmers’ Association) Renewables Chairman;
  • Barry Caslin, Teagasc Bioenergy Specialist;
  • Kevin Brady, Principle Officer at the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment;
  • Paddy Phelan, manager of Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency and Vice-President of the Irish BioEnergy Association;
  • PJ McCarthy, Chair of the Renewable Gas Forum Ireland;
  • Ian Kilgallon, Innovation and Business Development Manager, Gas Networks Ireland;
  • Michael McCarthy, CEO of the Irish Solar Energy Association;
  • Tommy Cooke, dairy farmer and renewables advisor.

From organising an effective energy management strategy to the feasibility of projects, through to energy generation and system maintenance requirements, the conference will walk you through the steps involved.

It will provide detailed information on the benefits and challenges of each option, as well as applications for the heat and power produced and ways to maximise the returns. Click here to view the whole programme

The conference will also feature examples of existing projects, whose owners will share their experiences, and updates on relevant legislation – such as generation subsidies.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to speak to the suppliers themselves and gain a better understanding of the technologies available.

The companies on hand will be able to discuss areas including: biogas plant development; pump options; feedstocks; storing the energy being produced; and biomass heating systems.

In addition, other topics to be discussed include: solar PV; finance; grid connections; wind power; hydropower options; power purchase agreements (PPAs); and much, much more.

The full list of exhibitors can be viewed here.

Plus for the first time ever, Energy Now Expo Ireland has partnered with Weltec BioPower and Gilfresh Produce to host a site tour to one of Ireland’s best-performing, state-of-the-art AD plants on Friday, October 27.

For more information or to book your place, click here.

More information

If increasing your margins and/or decreasing the environmental impacts of your business are important to you, then you should definitely visit the Energy Now Expo Ireland.

Free tickets to the event are available at: or at: +44(0)1293-854405. Click here for more information