Important beef events taking place in June across the country

Beef HealthCheck is an Animal Health Ireland (AHI) led programme developed in collaboration with Meat Industry Ireland (MII).

Under the initiative, AHI and Teagasc have organised a number of events over the next couple of weeks. The theme of these events is: ‘Animal Health: A route to enhancing performance and improved efficiency.’

These series of on-farm events will provide farmers with the information they require to ensure herds remain healthy, which will bring improved efficiency and sustainability.

A number of important topics will be discussed at the on-farm events.

1. Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance or AMR is becoming a major concern in terms of human and animal health. This session seeks to raise awareness around responsible antibiotic usage and the role of vaccination in tackling AMR.

2. IBR

In 2018, AHI, in collaboration with Teagasc and the BETTER farm participants, undertook to conduct a pilot IBR programme.

The results and findings from this pilot programme will serve to inform a national IBR programme. In addition, more information on IBR, its prevalence and control will be discussed.

3. Parasite control

Do you have a dosing strategy for the year ahead based on the results of faecal samples, grazing management and Beef HealthCheck reports?

Why do we need to reconsider our use of dosing products to avoid resistance? These topics and the latest research from Grange Research Centre will be highlighted.

4. Animal Welfare

Animal welfare has become a real focus for our industry. High standards of calf welfare are essential and it is vital that best practice is observed at all times to ensure these high standards are maintained.

All the latest guidelines and legislation on disbudding, castration and other farming practices that relate to improved calf welfare will also be outlined.

Dates and locations are listed below.