How Flogas provides this Co. Wicklow dairy farmer with hot water up to 85°

Darren Healy returned to his family farm 20 years ago, where he, alongside his wife Kalinda and his father Eamonn, run a spring-calving dairy farm in Co. Wicklow.

Darren’s children will be the fifth generation to farm this land. Previously, the family farm was using night rate electricity for hot water but was running out of it before the day was done.

They were searching for an efficient and convenient system to meet their demand for a constant supply of hot water. Also, with the move towards chlorine-free detergents becoming more crucial, the availability of hot water throughout the day was becoming more and more of a necessity.

The Flogas solution

David Conroy, Flogas area representative, visited the farm with the Flogas dairy demonstration trailer, to show Darren and Eamonn exactly how the Flogas Instant Hot Water system performs.

David was also able to advise them about the best tank location and the necessary siting guidelines for their farm.

L-R: Gary Johnson, Glanbia Ireland business manager; David Conroy, Flogas dairy on-site demonstrator; and Darren Healy, Glanbia dairy farmer

The Healy family were very impressed at the ability to provide hot water up to 85°, at any time, night or day. They were also happy with how straightforward the system was to operate, and they decided to make the switch.

“The Healy family have two water heaters on their farm, which provide them with enough instant hot water to maintain cleanliness and high-milk quality,” commented David.

The changeover process

The local fitter did a site walk-through and advised on the best location to install the heater units and distances from the heaters and water taps.

A Flogas bulk LPG tank was delivered and sited. Two wall-mounted water heaters were installed and connected. Since then, they haven’t looked back.

“I would highly recommend Flogas to all dairy farmers. It has been a great system, very reliable and instant hot water on demand has greatly improved my wash routine in my milking parlour,” said Darren.

Flogas and Glanbia partnership

Flogas and Glanbia have collaborated to offer the Flogas Instant Hot Water system to Glanbia dairy farms.

As moving to chlorine free, instant hot water is now critical in all wash routines for dairy farmers, the Flogas Instant Hot Water provides the hot water necessary in the new wash routines.

L-R: David Conroy; and Tom Phelan, Glanbia milk quality manager

“We are recommending Flogas Instant Hot Water on dairy farms because it provides the hot water necessary in the new wash routines,” commented Tom Phelan, Glanbia milk quality manager.

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