Have you the app that adds to your overall farm business?

Farmers across the country are getting on-board with HerdApp in preparation for calving and the general year ahead on farm.

HerdApp is designed for ease of use across the board, be that looking at AI serves, milk recordings, cross-compliance and registering calves which, for instance, takes seconds; plus, you can scan the tag(s) too if you wish.


What does strike farmers when they download HerdApp is how much information is self-populating, being there from day one.

In particular their serves – if an AI technician has the ICBF handheld – and milk recordings, plus projected calving dates too. This really makes starting out straightforward.

From dairy, suckling and beef farmers, the AgriNet Team is hearing the same comments on HerdApp again and again.

HerdApp is easy and straightforward to use, adds great efficiencies, enables improvements to be made from day one and adds to overall business.

Farmer feedback

Cork dairy farmer Denis Finnegan, of Lee Valley Farm, said that HerdApp is “simple to use”.

“[It has] excellent reports that you can multi filter on [and a] live link to ICBF which makes it easy to access your milk and EBI data.”

Galway suckler farmer Francis Curran finds HerdApp “very handy”; plus “it’s always getting improved”.

He found his “Bord Bia audit was very simple” with the app. Francis also finds “recording [info is] made very simple with HerdApp”.

Francis is right. HerdApp is always getting improved now on its eight version with the ninth version coming soon.

Edward Roe is a suckler and pedigree Hereford farmer in Tipperary. Commenting on HerdApp, Edward said: “I can’t compliment HerdApp enough. It is easy to use and very efficient.”

Wicklow suckler and pedigree Limousin and Aubrac farmer, PJ McGrath, feels that HerdApp adds so much that “to be honest, sometimes HerdApp is like having another man in the yard”.

Plus, people talk about value for money. HerdApp certainly is, and the staff in the office (AgriNet) are first-rate, whether you have a query or a suggestion.

With AgriNet’s 25 years of farm software experience, it is aware of the issues that come up.

Improved management is a big part of what HerdApp does; it’s not just a cross compliance tool and it’s much more than that.

In the words of Denis Finnegan: “I see it (HerdApp) as a management tool on the farm; it’s a bonus that it does all your compliance as well.”

John Holton is a dairy farm manager in Limerick. Having recently weighed all heifers, he said: “Inputting the weights into HerdApp was so simple.

“My 10 year old did some of the inputs and was able to tell me if a heifer was under target or over target. We’ll concentrate on getting those who are below target in line before calving.”

More farmers are coming online with HerdApp

Cork dairy farmer Peter Hynes changed over to HerdApp last month. He changed over to HerdApp because “it was easier to use”.

“It was only when I got renewal notice for another [app], I found out there was a price difference – HerdApp wasn’t as expensive.”

Peter is involved with Rearing To Go, which is about highlighting the importance of mental well-being for farmers. See more about Rearing To Go here.

Rearing To Go launch with Peter Hynes; John ‘The Bull’ Hayes; Rob Quirke; and Addi Kidson

Discussion groups, farmer groups and college classes

Discussion group meetings are taking place across the country with recent meetings for example taking place with Cork groups: Ballygibbon; Buttevant; and Clooneen/Fethard, with more on the horizon.

If you would be interested in getting a HerdApp/AgriNet team member out, please feel free to get in touch.

There will be a number of Progressive Genetics meetings taking place across their area in the coming weeks in which Jane Holton will be giving presentations on HerdApp.

The first one is taking place on the January 24 in the Tullamore Court Hotel.

Selling a product you believe in

Ann-Maree Manley is from a pedigree Shorthorn dairy farm, the Monasteroris Herd in Offaly. Ann-Maree joined the AgriNet/HerdApp team in late 2018.

Commenting on this, she said: “I needed to earn income until my father retires from farming.”

Ann-Maree has “been farming for years and doing the paperwork on farm since 1998”.

“I tried HerdApp in March 2018. Instantly I liked it for its user friendliness and ease with which my 65 year old father can use it.”

Ann Maree wouldn’t see herself as a natural sales person.

I never saw myself going into sales but this is a product I believe in. It’s a very useful aid for farmers in terms of record keeping.

“There is huge demand on-farm for what this app does, working for small suckler herds to large dairy herds.

“I am literally talking to farmers every day from all around the country, and I can tell you from Malin Head to Mizen Head farmers are loving HerdApp.”

Pricing and set-up

HerdApp is priced on an animal numbers basis.

The pricing structure includes:

  • 50 animals or less – €50;
  • 50-150 animals – €100;
  • 150+ animals – €150.

These are per annum subscriptions but every farmer can download HerdApp for free and use the entire app completely free of charge for one month from date of download.

Plus, there is also a free version which includes AI and milk recording.

In addition, the app can be downloaded from the Apple store by clicking here; or from the Play store by clicking here.

Download today and see why Irish farmers are using the new standard in farm software on their farms every day.

Further information

If you require a little help or have some questions, why not take our SmartStart option – just text “smart” to: 087-619-5575.

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of staff at: 046-924-5118; or at: 046-924-9964.

AgriNet is also contactable on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.