How would you best describe Graham Norton a) a failed actor b) a dairy farmer c) Irish celebrity TV host and comedian? At the opening of the Dairymaster Digital Media Centre in the IT Tralee he described himself as a “failed actor”.

Graham was presenting Eoin O’Leary and David Williams creators of ‘Pulp Fiction Kerry Shtyle’ with the 2013 Perpetual Graham Norton Creativity Award. The video was created by the students for a sound engineering class project.

Success, planned or otherwise, combined with technology and communications are the factors that lead Dairymaster to seize the opportunity to sponsor the upgrade of the IT Tralee audio-visual equipment and the establishment of the Digital Media Centre.

According to Dr Edmond Harty of Dairymaster: “When IT Tralee came to us with this idea we loved it because it’s all about technology and communications. The match-up between us and the college was obvious as it has benefits for both organisations. They are producing high tech graduates in digital media and so we can promote high-tech dairy farm technology we need to make sure we do a great job communicating it around the world… We like this idea so much that we actually went a little further, so from now on each year we will be taking 5 of their students from the courses on placement with us. It’s no wonder that many graduates from IT Tralee are key personnel in the company.”

Commenting on the awards presentation the comedian Graham Norton said: “I’m delighted to lend my name to this award which promotes and rewards creativity among these students. I wish Eoin and David the very best of luck with their studies and future careers.”

Dairymaster are hoping Graham will be back in the Dairymaster Digital Media Centre in the IT Tralee next year.