Glanbia is offering huge savings across its farming categories this year with all offers available online here, and in store, through Call and Collect.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to stock up, save big and support local. The sale starts Thursday, November 26, and runs right through until midnight on Monday, November 30.

Read on for some of Glanbia’s best Black Friday deals for farmers, and a chance to win €500 to spend on Glanbia Connect.

Some of the best Black Friday deals

Moocall Calving Sensor – Save €80; Now €249

The Moocall calving sensor is a non-intrusive, tail-mounted calving sensor. The sensor now comes with a new and improved red rubber liner that sits more comfortably on the cow’s tail and results in a higher accuracy rate (over 95%).

It reads contractions and tail movement and when calving is two hours away it will notify you via SMS, email and app.

The Moocall calving sensor connects directly to the mobile network, so this will work wherever your cows are as long as there’s a mobile signal in the area. No reliance on expensive base stations or other cumbersome equipment, the sensor works out of the box and all you need is a mobile phone to receive the alerts.

Easy to set up and link with your phone. The Moocall allows you to leave the farm with peace of mind that if a cow is calving you will get ample warning and time to return and assess the situation.

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JFC Horse Haybell – Save €49; Now €360

The JFC Horse Haybell fits over a standard bale to provide tidier, safer feeding for horses. It’s made from robust, lightweight polyethylene and has four feed openings spaced around its sides. Hay is easily accessed from all sides and spoilage, from trampling and exposure to bad weather, is reduced.

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Vink Cubicle Lime Spreader – Save €30; Now €180

The Vink Spreader is suitable for different types or combinations of bedding material. The unit spreads and mixes bedding materials in one movement.

This portable spreader can also spread bedding material in cubicles quickly and efficiently when cows are in – no need to open and close fences.

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Cheetah Rechargeable Head Light – Now Only €38

This rechargeable head light is ideal for calving, night time walking, fishing and lambing. The high beam will last for up to five hours and lights up to 100m. The low beam will last for up to 24 hours and lights up to 30m.

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JFC TidyWrap Recycling Bin Green – Save €45; Now €275

The JFC TidyWrap recycling bin can store 150-200 bale wraps, keeping your farm tidy and making collection simple. Manufactured from tough, durable polyethylene, the bin is sturdy and robust. Simply lift the bin up once packed to release the gathered bale of wrap.

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30W Black Slim LED Exterior Floodlight – Now €21.95

The 30W Auriga Floodlight has a slim design that is discrete yet functional. It provides 3,000 lumen making it perfect for replacing a 300W halogen bulb and saving in energy consumption.

The floodlight comes with an adjustable bracket allowing it to be moved into many positions and is pre-wired with a 1m cable for easy installation. Perfect for use in domestic back gardens, terraces, balconies or wherever quality warm white lighting is required.

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HealMax II Footbath Concentrate 20L – Save €29; Now €205

HealMax concentrate is a footbath solution designed to cure the cause and effect of digital dermatitis, more commonly known as Mortellaro. Healmax is the proven, quick and effective way to treat and prevent outbreaks of digital dermatitis.

The footbath solution is for use as a broad-spectrum treatment for the whole group of animals. Animals suffering from digital dermatitis will have reduced performance and will be susceptible to other problems.

One 20L drum of Healmax treats 1,500 cows’ passes. It starts to heal instantly with results visible after three days.

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Ritchey Muscle Rub Tube 500ml – Now €11; Save Over 20%

Ritchey Muscle Rub for animals contains peppermint, calendula and tea trew which helps to relieve muscle tension, as it soothes and softens the ligaments. It comes in a handy 500ml, easy-to-squeeze bottle complete with a hook for hanging.

When Ritchey muscle rub is applied its naturally effective essential oils get to work and alleviate muscle damage, tendon strain and swelling which can provide comfort to your animal as it gets to work on the pain point.

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JFC Cubic Metre Meal Bin – Now Only €305

JFC’s cubic metre meal bin can hold up to 750kg of meal – depending on the feed type stored. Grooves on the base allow easy lifting by forklift or transport on bale lifters with a tractor. It is also sized to fit standard 8X4 car trailers.

The lower profile and large opening makes it easier for the farmer to reach feed at the base. It is fitted with a drain-off for ease of cleaning and emptying. Perfect for internal or external, weather and pest proof storage of meal or molasses.

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Scraper Squeegee with Handle – Now Only €34

This Scraper Squeegee is durable and lightweight making it ideal for cleaning out cubicles. The scraper is 20in wide and the handle measures 140cm X 27mm.

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GAIN Horse Block 12kg – Now €18

GAIN Horse Block is designed for equines at pasture or on forage diets. In dry conditions water can be added to the bucket to keep the surface moist. One block should provide adequate access for up to 10 horses.

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Aluscraper 26″ Dual Scraper – Save €15; Now €115

This is a lightweight and easy-to-use aluminium scraper with non-slip comfort grip section on handle. The scraper has a reinforced section inserted in the handle beside the head and a folded scraper section for extra strength.

There is a rubber blade section for moving soft material and a scraper section for removing set or stubborn material. Ideal for use in cubicles, slats, cow mats, etc.

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WIN €500 to spend on Glanbia Connect

You can also enter Glanbia’s competition to be in with a chance of winning €500 to spend online on Glanbia Connect. Closing date for entry is November 30, 2020. Entries received after November 30, 2020, will not be eligible for the competition.

T&Cs apply: All Black Friday offers are subject to availability, while stocks last. Some exclusions apply. Offers valid from November 26, 2020, to midnight November 30, 2020. Delivery surcharges apply on some bulky products and chemicals.

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