From revolutionising grassland management to the latest in phone apps

In 2010, AgriNet looked at the problem of grass measuring in Ireland. Its answer was the revolutionary AgriNet Grass app, which allowed farmers to easily manage their grass budgeting and share information with their advisor or discussion group.

To date, over 3,000 farmers in 10 countries have used the system. This year, AgriNet has launched the HerdApp for stock management and compliance.

This move is sure to begin a similar revolution in how farmers access their animal information and record events, like drug treatments and breeding in particular.

Barry Lynch and Gavin Murray of AgriNet pictured at BEEF 2018

AgriNet has been providing Irish farmers with farm software for over 24 years. Technical director, Barry Lynch, began developing its farm management software on PCs.

When asked about the changes over the last 24 years, he commented: “Its all about being able to access the information you want, when you want it.

“That hasn’t changed. What’s new is the internet and smartphones allow you to put all the farm information in your pocket and access it instantly.”

Syncs data from the ICBF database

HerdApp syncs data from the ICBF database. This means, from the very start, the farmer has all the historical information without having to input a single thing. All the cows, calving dates, milk recording, AI dates, etc. are all there seamlessly.

Packed with features, AgriNet HerdApp allows farmers to carry out a range of tasks, including: managing your herd using only your smartphone; sharing data with others; working offline when out of coverage; and switching easily between multiple herds.

Key features:
  • Jobs list – view upcoming jobs and click on any job to get the list of animals;
  • Herd report – view herd history and generate automatic reports;
  • Animal report – view detailed history for one individual animal;
  • Births – register calves with straight from the shed;
  • Moves – pick animals and get movement permits while in the yard;
  • Drugs – drug compliance on the phone for recording and for Bord Bia reports;
  • Drug cabinet – record drug purchases and administrations;
  • Diary – record diary events, future jobs and allocate jobs to staff;
  • AI/breeding – monitor activity to get cows in calf efficiently;
  • Weights – track beef weight gains or track dairy replacement heifer targets.

Useful during the breeding season

Patrick Fortune milks 150 spring-calving cows on his family’s farm just outside Adamstown, Co. Wexford. He is a HerdApp user and we asked him: what aspect of HerdApp he has found most useful this spring?

Patrick responded: “The most useful part of HerdApp I found this breeding season was that I could – very quickly – identify the cows that hadn’t come in heat. I was able to pick them out in the yard and scan them sooner.”

HerdApp not only detects cows in heat, but also gives you a full picture of submission rates, plus next season’s weekly calving pattern and more.

Synced with the team on the farm

Andrew Revington from Co. Meath has been using AgriNet software for over 20 years. HerdApp has really simplified how Andrew is recording all the information he needs.

I couldn’t run my business without it.

One of the great new features that Andrew really likes with HerdApp is the way that all devices are synced. On this, he said: “Not only with the team that work with me, but with AgFood and ICBF,” he explained.

Also, when an AI technician serves a cow, and inputs via the handheld device, the serve syncs to Andrew’s phone; this is a process that Andrew is a fan of.

Cross compliance and records

HerdApp enables cross compliance with Bord Bia and calf registrations (, but the app also offers much more.

Co.Cork dairy farmer Denis Finnegan said: “Some people buy farm software for compliance and it costs them money. For almost 20 years now, I have been using AgriNet farm software to make money.”

The annual fees start from just €50. You can get started with HerdApp today in a matter of clicks. In addition, the AI/breeding section of the app is completely free; this is thanks to sponsorship from Progressive Genetics.

As a company, AgriNet has always put huge emphasis on quality of service. AgriNet aims to enable as many farmers as possible in using the app – and with this in mind – HerdApp SmartStart has been developed.

How does it work?
  • AgriNet remotely connects to your phone;
  • AgriNet does the signup with you;
  • AgriNet syncs all your data from ICBF;
  • AgriNet enters some drugs;
  • AgriNet enters some injections;
  • AgriNet shows you the Bord Bia report;
  • AgriNet answers any questions.

AgriNet was founded in 1994 with its Herdmaster PC software on DOS. Herdmaster has long been regarded as the gold standard in stock management software. AgriNet has been using smartphone software since 2006 on pocket PCs.

Longstanding customers like pedigree Hereford breeder Joe Deverell from Geashill, Co. Offaly, is already a fan.

He said: “I have been using AgriNet software since 1996. Now, having the app on the phone is a dream. A lot of people don’t realise the power of the smartphone they have in their pocket.”

More information

For a full start with an AgriNet expert, just text “smart” to 087 619 5575. Furthermore, you can speak to a member of staff at: 046 924 5118 or at: 046 924 9964.

In addition, the app can be downloaded from the Apple store by clicking here or from the Play store by clicking here.