From pumping to spreading, get more out of your slurry

It’s all about smart farming when it comes to spreading slurry. This means applying at the right time with the right amount and the right technology.

However, optimal slurry management involves a combination of precise methods to maximise the value of slurry. We’ll take a look at Vogelsang’s innovative range of spreading technology including the new ExaCut ECQ distributor (macerator), rotary lobe slurry pump and adjustable dribble bar.

Vogelsang’s new ExaCut ECQ distributor

As far back as 1980, Vogelsang presented the first dribble bar system, laying the foundation for accurate, low-emission spreading.

Its newest product is the ExaCut ECQ precision distributor. In one step it macerates fibres, separates stones and evenly distributes the slurry to the spreading hoses.

The ExaCut ECQ has all the benefits of the ExaCut ECL and has been awarded the DLG award by The German Agricultural Society. The award gives top marks on easy maintenance, exceptional user-friendliness and the highest distribution accuracy.

The ExaCut ECQ uses 50% less power and can be used 50% longer than comparable distributors. The revised design also reduces the time required for maintenance work. Wear parts are easily accessible through the large maintenance port. You do not have to dismount the distributor head or the cover.

Abbey Machinery Ltd. is using the ExaCut ECQ on its spreading systems and benefits from the consistency and evenness of spread with minimal power requirements needed.

Francis Merrigan, Abbey Machinery’s engineering manager for innovation, said:

The ExaCut ECQ system has been carefully designed and provides customer-led solutions over other equipment in the market place. The improved access to replace the ECQ wear parts reduces time and effort during maintenance. The new ECQ is an excellent addition to the Vogelsang range of robustly built German technology that has class-leading quality.

The ExaCut ECQ rotor technology with tri-lobe design reduces the speed and the internal pressure in the distributor. This extends the service life by 50%, while also improving cutting performance. Larger cross-sections and new flow guide plates create a more effortless flow of slurry and ensure the best distribution.

Starting with the right slurry pump

Many overlook the fact that efficient slurry spreading begins with pumping. Vogelsang is the inventor of the rotary lobe pump offering a range of slurry pumps for tankers.

In comparison to vacuum systems, rotary lobe pumps transport the slurry to a tanker more quickly and fuller. These pumps also transfer slurry from the tanker to the spreading system reliably and more precisely. The pumps ensure precise volume regulation through speed variations.

Easy on-site service, self-priming, reversible direction and resistant to foreign matter and dry-running makes their rotary lobe pumps an ideal slurry pumping solution.

Fitting it all together with a dribble bar

Spreading with a dribble bar helps ensure consistent growth while reducing emissions. Vogelsang dribble bars are up to 55% lighter than comparable systems and can be mounted on any tanker.

The well-thought-out hose installation simultaneously makes it possible for the slurry to reach the ground. Low-emission spreading with the dribble bar ensures low levels of nutrient losses and resistance to wind. The Vogelsang range is available up to 36m and is easy to retrofit.

Vogelsang Ireland is based in Galway and is continuously growing the company and its customer base in Ireland.

Mark Hughes, managing director of Vogelsang Ireland, points out that in the last seven years Vogelsang has grown as a reputable partner to all agriculture OEMs in Ireland. Their slurry solutions range from pumping to macerating and spreading.

Mark Hughes said:

In this changed working environment, Vogelsang is striving to stay at the forefront of agricultural technology. To strengthen this we will be holding our first virtual exhibition event in November. The event will allow us to bring our new 2021 technologies to customers safely including the adaptable UniSpread dribble bar and our SyreN method to stabilise the nutrients in the slurry.

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