First Fibre: The first of its kind

AUCTUS has developed a very impressive and unique product – First Fibre – to vastly improve the rumen development process in calves from the first week of life.

Joe Burke, beef and livestock manager with Bord Bia, cut the ribbon on proceedings at the product launch at the AUCTUS premises on January 26, where Joe was able to view the product for himself.

AUCTUS sales director John Linnane and Bord Bia’s Joe Burke

The combination of three fibrous materials – lucerne, first-generation timothy grass and dried straw – provide the necessary scratch factor to improve gut wall integrity, papillae growth and the development of primary enzymes.

This process can only be achieved in the early stages of an animal’s life when genetic functions are being established.

An extremely-palatable, high-protein ration, coupled with a balanced vitamin, mineral and amino acid inclusion, gives superior efficiency and absorption of nutrients.

Prebiotics are also added to maximise gut health and assist the calf to establish the correct microflora/bacteria populations.

Easy to feed

On the farm of Eddie Lynch, Erne Valley Limousins, Grousehall, Loughduff, Co. Cavan, it was demonstrated to Joe how easy First Fibre is to feed.

John Linnane, AUCTUS sales director, shows Joe Burke First Fibre being fed on the farm of Eddie Lynch, Erne Valley Limousins

Each 20kg heat-sealed bale is pre-sliced into approximately 2kg sections. So monitoring calves’ intakes is simple and accurate. The bale remains compact and totally fresh for this reason also.

A low-moisture content is achieved due to the unique manufacturing process, which means there is no risk of secondary fermentation or mycotoxin build up – even if the bale is opened. This has led to a long-shelf life being achieved of 12 months.

Feeding recommendations

The feeding recommendations are: to introduce First Fibre to calves from four days of age; feed ad-lib; and keep fresh.

First Fibre should be fed alongside milk replacer, whole milk or the suckler cow. Fresh, clean water should be available to calves at all times. Your preferred concentrate can be fed alongside First Fibre.

Typically calves will consume between one and two bales over the rearing period. This will depend on how much concentrate is also added to the diet as the calves rumen develops.

The overall palatability and nutritional advantages of First Fibre increases intakes and develops the rumen at a much faster rate; leading to calves being weaned with sustained growth.

More information

For more information on the First Fibre product and it’s availability, contact AUCTUS at: 043-6683200 or email at: [email protected]. Click here for more information