Based in Ballina, Co. Mayo, Black River Dairy farm is now in its fifth generation and is run by Sean O’Donnell, his wife and their four sons.

The farm, which milks 200 dairy cows, previously operated on an electrical system to heat hot water. The O’Donnell family found this to be an insufficient system however, as it was unable to reach the required temperatures for a satisfactory wash.

The Black River Dairy needed a hot water solution for cleaning the milking parlour and milk tank.

Furthermore, the family also feeds a lot of calves on milk powder, so require a flexible solution with temperature controls to meet ongoing instant hot water needs.

LPG water-heating system

Sean reached out to Flogas by phone after hearing about its LPG hot water system. The farm had a high requirement for hot water and felt the Flogas LPG system could meet this requirement.

Flogas arranged a free site visit to Black Water Dairy farm by local area representative Roy Masterson.

Roy, the Flogas representative, visited the farm and took Sean through the LPG Hot Water solution and how Flogas could meet the farm’s hot water requirements and reduce electricity costs.

As part of the Flogas solution a monitoring system called Telemetry was proposed. This system pulses back tank readings to Flogas every day which allows Flogas to automatically schedule gas deliveries to the farm when required ensuring the farm is always topped up as required.

Changing over

Black River Dairy Farm opted for the Flogas Dairy hot water system and Flogas arranged for a smooth changeover.

The Flogas LPG bulk tank was delivered while the wall mounted water heater was installed and connected to the Flogas tank.

Sean was delighted with the changeover process and now has a system which gives sufficient hot water on demand at the required temperatures which assists with the smooth running of his farm.

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