Fendt for silage: Taking Irish conditions in its stride

Visitors to this year’s Grass & Muck event on May 17 were able to see – up close – the attention to detail that’s been applied to key implements offered by Fendt.

On display was the awesome Katana forage harvester – right through the range to the (Fendt) Former rake.

Large numbers of people descended upon the Fendt stand to see – first hand – this prestigious range of equipment; Fendt is now offering a full range of grass (silage) equipment.

Fendt has built its equipment range to offer the same levels of design, quality and reliability that the market has come to expect from its tractors.

The Fendt Katana has earned the reputation of being able to take Irish conditions in its stride. When working with grass – for example – sloping terrain, soft ground conditions or high moisture levels are all easily handled by the Katana.

Those already running the machines report a pleasing relationship between power and fuel consumption. This is thanks to smooth, efficient engines with ECO/Power drive-modes.

The Fendt Tigo forage wagons are the latest additions to the range of harvesting equipment. Light in weight, compact and with reassuring stability, these machines have an adjustable (front) bulkhead. This allows the loading area – above the pick-up – to be fully utilised.

The VarioFill loading and unloading system delivers optimum compaction density and – when unloading – the bulkhead simply tilts back towards the rear, so the crop empties out quickly and smoothly.

Moving on to Fendt’s drum mowers, there is certain to be one of the six models that precisely matches the needs of your business.

The Fendt Cutter machines feature four drums – front or rear mounted – and common to all is low ground pressure and a mechanism that handles the sward with great care. Even weight distribution between the drums means cutting damp grass poses no problem.

Those with systems more suited to disc mowers will be drawn to the Fendt Slicer range. These models bring a high degree of precision to the task, which centres on the patented TurboLift system.

Centre suspension for rear mounting allows the discs to float through the crop, protecting the sward and ensuring excellent forage quality. Multiple models span a huge range of cutting widths.

Providing the ideal link between mower and rake, Fendt Twister tedders create a movement that allows optimum air movement through the crop.

A large, robust frame ensures great stability, while the centre gearbox is positioned in an oil bath that keeps dust and soil out. Bearings on both ends of the tedder ensure smoothness of operation.

A rake is just a rake? Not if it’s a Fendt Former rake. These machines add value to the crop in all conditions. They are available with single, double or four-rotor configurations with operating widths of up to 14.5m.

Smart features like CamControl, SteerGuard and Jet-Effect combine to ensure that the forage keeps its shape – even on the headlands.

And finally, when baling hay or silage – and straw for that matter – there’s a choice of four models in the new range of round balers.

The ‘entry-level’ model is robust, straightforward, knife-free and has the added benefit of a low power requirement. Meanwhile, the range-topping Fendt 4180 V Xtra has everything a high usage professional would desire in a round baler.

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