The FarmOps app from Munster Bovine will allow farmers to make the best possible decisions.

The company’s vet-led team has created the app to analyse farmers’ data and will provide them with trusted timely recommendations.

This will save farmers time by bringing clarity to their decisions, helping them to achieve year-on-year gains and ultimately will ensure a healthier herd for the next generation.

All breeding, milk recording and herd health information is available in one place and is thoroughly analysed. In addition, the app helps meet the compliance and record-keeping needs of farmers with clever treatment recording, calf registration, weights, feeds and sprays modules and more.

The milk-recording module in FarmOps allows herd owners to get the most from their milk-recording results. By using FarmOps, herd owners can clearly see how their herd is performing.

Farmers can find the best and worst cows in the herd using the new ‘Milk recording Lifetime Margin per day’ rank. You can also find out what drives profitability on your farm with the margin analyser, in addition to identifying the reasons for the difference in performance.

Some reasons for variations in performance:

  • Cows’ production level;
  • Genetics – production sub-index;
  • Herd maturity;
  • Long dry periods;
  • Short lactations;
  • Extended lactations;
  • Short dry periods affecting subsequent lactations.

This is game-changing for dairy farmers as the ‘milk recorded lifetime information’ for the cow is available within FarmOps after each test.

This new approach will ensure herd owners can make quick, effortless, and profitable decisions for their farm. FarmOps analyses this information, sorts and filters it so that the correct actions can be taken for the best results.

The upcoming breeding season also gets extensive treatment in FarmOps. Both dairy and beef farmers will get six unique metrics each day of the breeding season to measure their progress.

Key breeding metrics:

  • Number of animals expected in heat;
  • Animals due repeat;
  • Target and actual valid serves to date;
  • Cows calved 35 days not served;
  • Number of potentially empty cows to date;
  • Number of mature bulls required.

Munster Bovine said these six metrics allow farmers to measure their progress accurately at any stage during the breeding season. This gives farmers the confidence to know how well the breeding season is going.

The FarmOps app is suitable for all dairy and beef farmers across the country and comes with a three-month free trial.

Munster Bovine dairy customers who participate in a milk recording programme and use Munster Bovine breeding services, get the app for free for all of 2021. The app is also available for free for all of 2021 to beef customers who use Munster Bovine breeding services i.e. a minimum of 20 straws / AI [artificial insemination] tech serves.

FarmOps has been designed to work as a direct replacement for, or alongside, existing apps.  Farmers can continue to use existing apps while trying out FarmOps for free, before deciding which app to finally continue using on farm.

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