Alan McReynolds, Tamlaghtmore Road, Stewartstown, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, was convicted at Dungannon Magistrates’ Court today of one charge under the Tuberculosis (Examination and Testing) Scheme Order (Northern Ireland) 1999, one charge under the Cattle Identification (Enforcement) Regulations (NI) 1998 and one charge under the Cattle Identification (Notification of Births, Deaths and Movements) Regulations (NI) 1999.

McReynolds was convicted in his absence and fined £800 sterling plus £34 sterling costs and £15 sterling offenders Levy.

This case concerned the failure by McReynolds to present cattle in his herd for a Tuberculosis (TB) test as well as failing to present his cattle herd register and failing to notify the movement of cattle on to his holding.