EU Agriculture Committee backs reform of CAP Pillar I

The European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development has voted in favour of the reform of Pillar I of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) by a margin of 10 votes.

Member of the committee, MEP and First Vice President of the European Parliament Mairead McGuinness, confirmed the news of the vote this morning (Tuesday, April 2), following on from the approval of the first batch of proposals on the reform of CAP yesterday evening.

The committee approved the reform proposal by 27 votes in favour to 17 against, according to McGuinness.

Taking to Twitter, the MEP tweeted: “The result of the final vote on Pillar 1 CAP reform as amended 27 in favour, 17 against.

“Detailed breakdown to follow when almost 200 pages of votes and individual results [are] sifted through. This is [the] only stage in the process, which will continue in the autumn.”

Yesterday, the EU Agriculture Committee approved the first batch of proposals to improve EU farm policy under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) following an earlier vote.

This first vote on the CAP reform focused on the new EU rules for common market organisation (CMO) in agricultural products after 2020.

The CMO regulation was approved by 29 votes in favour to seven against.

MEPs say that the current scheme, which grants aid to dairy farmers who voluntarily produce less in times of severe market imbalances in an effort to stabilise prices, should be extended to all sectors.

They also say that more transparency, better crisis management and a wider safety net are also required.