Enter our Farm Free Competition to win 10t of Yara fertiliser

AgriLand is once again delighted to offer farmers the opportunity to farm free for a year. Now in its third year, our Farm Free Competition has grown to be even bigger than ever.

The winner of this year’s competition will take home a whole host of prizes; including 10t of Yara fertiliser.

This year, Yara is offering the winner 10t of YaraBela Nutri Zincote fertiliser. It’s part of Yara’s Zincote range and it contains multiple micronutrients, as well as an essential nitrogen and sulphur provision.

Based on Procote technology, every granule of YaraBela Nutri Zincote is coated with zinc – allowing for an even distribution across the field.

With Yara’s Zincote range of grassland fertilisers, you can address multiple deficiencies at once. In addition, you are feeding your grass with the nitrogen, potassium and phosphate it needs to deliver optimum yield and quality.

Along with the 10t of fertiliser, the prize also includes a broad-spectrum soil and leaf analysis.

50 years of Irish experience

Yara has been in business in Ireland for close to 50 years. It specialises in compound (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) and nitrogen fertilisers, along with industrial products.

In the past, the Norwegian-based company had been a major industrial supplier to other well-known Irish fertiliser companies.

Each Yara fertiliser product is precisely formulated to provide accurate, targeted nutrition that suits the specific details of the site.

The company has a wide range of products including: complex compounds; granular urea; and nitrogen and sulphur-grade fertilisers.

More recently, the company’s focus has been to provide these quality products in Yara-branded bags, which can be bought from a network of local merchants and co-ops across the country. Where can I buy Yara fertiliser?

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