Enough silage additive to treat 1,000t of grass up for grabs in Farm Free 2017

AgriLand is once again delighted to offer farmers the opportunity to farm free for a year. Now in its third year, our Farm Free Competition has grown to be even bigger than ever.

The winner of this year’s competition will take home a whole host of prizes; including enough silage additive to treat 1,000t of grass silage – valued at €1,400. This prize is being offered by Ecosyl.

Waste silage is a huge drain on farm profits and one of the ways farmers can limit this is through the use of a silage additive. For farmers aiming to make high-quality silage, the inclusion of an additive can significantly help improve silage fermentation and quality.

This is important as increasing silage quality will lead to a higher level of production on beef, dairy and sheep farms. Farmers need to be aware that a silage additive is more than just a forage preservative.

Trials show that using a proven silage additive can result in more silage being recovered from the grass that was originally put in the clamp or pit.

15 trials, using the MTD/1 strain of Lactobacillus Plantarum in Ecosyl, have shown that dry matter recovery was boosted by 3.7% when compared to non-treated silage. And if 1,000t of silage dry matter were originally clamped, that would equate to an extra 37t back at feed-out.

If silage is worth €38/t, that’s an extra €1,406 – that goes a long way to paying for the silage additive for the whole clamp.

Along with supplying silage additive, Ecosyl also offers a range of silage additive applicators. These are suitable for all types of forage harvesting systems.

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