AgriLand is once again delighted to offer farmers the opportunity to farm free for a year. Now in its third year, our Farm Free Competition has grown to be even bigger than ever.

The winner of this year’s competition will take home a whole host of prizes; including an Eziweigh 7i pack – for keeps. The prize, valued at €1,900, includes a Tru-Test indicator, MP600 loadbars and a 7ft 3in platform.

Offered by O’Donovan Engineering, the weighing unit can be placed in any crush and has a total capacity of 2t. It is also waterproof.

The importance of weighing your livestock

Herd health is the key to profit on any farm; managing and identifying health issues in your herd or flock can save you valuable time and money.

Weight is a very important indicator of herd health. Sudden increases or decreases in weight can signal the presence of disease. Regularly weighing your stock has many obvious benefits.

You can use the Eziweigh 7i as a tool to:
  • Manage herd health
  • Identify health problems early;
  • Calculate dosage rates accurately to minimising wastage and save money;
  • Monitor reproductive performance quickly and effectively.

Tru-test weighing and EID equipment have been available in Ireland from O’Donovan Engineering for over 25 years.

It is very much favored by most breeding societies, farm advisory services and a wide range of dairy, beef and sheep farmers.

All Tru-Test indicators feature Superdamp III technology to record accurate weights quickly – even with the liveliest of animals. Within seconds, the indicators lock on a weight and a bright, stable light lets you know when it’s ready to be recorded.

The Eziweigh 7i has a 20,000 record capacity, can do up to 100 weighing sessions and you can download the information to any android or iOS device.

Dermot Donovan, sales director of O’Donovan Engineering, said: “We were absolutely thrilled when Tru-Test launched this system.

We had been asking for many years for a system which was simple to operate, with the features that the Irish farmer would need to manage their stock.

“It is encouraging to see so many producers embracing the new technology and hearing how it has improved their on-farm management processes,” he said.

More information

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