Don’t underestimate the impact mastitis can have on your personal stress levels on your farm

All dairy farmers know the importance of mastitis prevention; both for the vital promotion of animal welfare and to protect the profitability of their enterprises.

An often-underestimated factor is the impact that mastitis can have on the stress levels of the farmer.

Dry off, for many farmers, represents the last significant task before they can mentally ‘switch off’ and take a much-needed break.

In some recent focus groups, carried out by Bimeda, to discuss dairy farmers’ attitudes and behaviours about dry off, one of the strongest themes that came through was the stress that can result from cases of mastitis and the negative impacts these can have on mental well-being.

Knowing that cows are suffering, along with concerns regarding the costs and complications associated with mastitis, was repeatedly said to significantly increase stress levels and ongoing worry.

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Farmers in the groups commented that the dry-off period is critical not just for the herd to be able to rest and recuperate, but also for the farmer to rest, relax and de-stress.

In order to be able to truly switch off over winter, farmers in the research groups commented that having excellent dry-off protocols in place are absolutely vital.

From a farmer’s point of view, this is important so that they can be sure that when the last cow is dried off, they should have no cause for concern or worry during the following two months – with mastitis far from their minds.

The most repeated sentiment from the dairy farmers in the focus groups was the peace of mind provided by a quality teat sealant such as Boviseal®.

One farmer, whose views were mirrored by others in attendance, stated: “Boviseal® is my insurance and gives me complete peace of mind.

I know my cows are protected and I don’t have to worry about calling the vet out on Christmas day because of a bad case of mastitis.

“When I’ve administered Boviseal® to the final teat of the last cow being dried off, it feels like a physical weight off my shoulders and that level of peace of mind is truly priceless,” he said.

Why choose Boviseal®?

Farmers use Boviseal® year-after-year because of the excellent results they enjoy.

The teat sealant is proven to prevent new intramammary infections during the dry period and to reduce the incidence of mastitis for at least 60 days after calving.

Furthermore, Boviseal® contains a special ingredient called colloidal anhydrous silica which gives the sealant its viscosity; making it thick enough to remain in the teat canal of the cow throughout the entire dry cow period.

However, viscosity alone isn’t enough. The seal needs to be able to keep its structure and body when the cow moves and lies down and colloidal anhydrous silica provides the flexible, three-dimensional structure which allows this to happen.

With Boviseal® in place, bacteria can’t get into the teat and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your herd is protected throughout the entire dry period.

In fact, Boviseal’s patented formulation has sealed over seven million Irish dairy cows and is the country’s leading teat sealant. You have the confidence of knowing your herd is protected by a teat sealant made in Dublin; designed specifically to cater for the needs of the Irish dairy herd.

Don’t risk it – insist on Boviseal® this dry off.

If you aren’t sure who your local Boviseal® stockist is, call Bimeda at: 1850-515253. Click here for more information