Traditional wooden fencing posts tend to rot and need replacing after 5 years. The 2G polyethylene posts are extremely durable, will never rot and have a life expectancy of 30 years meaning lower material and labour costs. The system comprises hollow and solid posts and innovative wire application accessories making it suitable for a range of fencing applications.

2G Hollow Posts are suitable for electrical barbed and sheep wire.  Ideal for paddock fencing, the posts are designed to flex with impact and return to the original position.  2G Hollow posts are available in 3 sizes and are easy to install using the innovative wire fencing clips and specially designed applicator. They are lighter than conventional wooden posts so are easy to transport and ideal for fencing applications in difficult to reach areas. Th3 3 sizes available are 4ft 6” & 5ft 6” with a 3” diameter & a 5ft 6” with a 4” diameter. These are available through local Co-ops and Hardware stores and retailing from 3.99 ex VAT.

2G Solid Posts consist of a layer of polyethylene moulded around a pressure treated and kiln dried wooden core. Strong and durable they are ideal for heavy duty fencing applications.  They offer the same hold as new wooden posts but unlike wooden posts they will remain strong for 30 years.  2G Solid Posts are available in 2 sizes (a strainer posts & an intermediate post) and are installed using conventional methods including a mechanical post driver. The strainer posts in 7ft in length with a 6.5” diameter and will be retailing at €30 ex VAT. The intermediate post is 6ft in length with a 4” diameter and will be retailing at €9.95 ex VAT.

Benefits of the 2G Fencing System:

  • Strong and durable.
  • Polyethylene is a natural insulator meaning electric current stays on the wire meaning less short outs.
  • Weather and water resistant.
  • Material is UV protected.
  • Safe for use with grazing animals.
  • Do not splinter or crack therefore safer installation.

JFC decided to bring a new Plastic Post to the market as the longevity of wooden posts has decreased significantly in recent years. The reason for this being new environmental safety laws on the chemicals that can be used to treat wooden fencing posts. The 2G Fencing post is made from virgin plastic which is fully UV protected meaning it is completely protected from all types of weather. There were plastic posts on the market before but these were made from recycled plastic. The 2G Fencing Post is far superior to any other post on the market. Although the initial cost is more once the fence is installed the farmer is safe in the knowledge that he has a permanent rot free fence for a minimum of 30 years therefore saving time, money & labour in the long run.

A demonstration video on 2G Fencing is available on the JFC Youtube channel. Here is the clip:

The 2G Fencing System is the next generation of fencing.

For more information on the 2G Fencing System contact JFC on 093 24066.

A family-owned business, JFC Manufacturing was established in 1987, by the current CEO John Concannon to supply specialised polyethylene products to the agricultural industry.

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