With perfect conditions including heavy summer rainfall and an extended autumn grazing period, cattle are likely to have been exposed to high levels of liver fluke, writes Norbrook’s Veterinary Advisor Maura Langan.

As a result of these perfect conditions cattle are likely to face a high to very high risk of liver fluke during this winter.

So, cattle are likely to be harbouring high liver fluke burdens and farmers should address this issue.

Given that cattle coming in off pasture are likely to be harbouring high liver fluke burdens farmers should give careful consideration to their treatment regimens this winter.

Seek advice from your animal health advisor to tailor a treatment regime that suits your own particular farming enterprise.

As the housing season approaches it is imperative that farmers start to think about how best to treat their livestock in a practical, cost-effective way.

To control this issue, she added that farmers should use a combination of pour-on containing Closantel and Ivermectin, to treat late, immature and adult fluke.

This combination provides an easy to use solution that has been reducing fluke and worm burdens in animals since 2009.

Norbrook launch beef farmer survey

Norbrook has recently launched a Beef farmer survey and is offering all participants the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win £250/€330 of retail vouchers.

According to Patrick Hughes, Norbrook’s Ireland Sales Manager, farmers should think smart about their winter housing treatments.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Agriland to not only help raise awareness of the need for farmers to think smart about their winter housing treatment but to offer respondents a chance to win £250/€330 of retail vouchers on completion of our short survey.

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Closamectin Pour On offers a convenient pour-on solution killing fluke, worms and external parasites, with a short 28-day meat withhold period.

“Closamectin Pour-On is also effective against triclabendazole-resistant fluke,” he said.

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