Domestic milk intake up 10% in 2019

Domestic milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers was estimated at 994.3 million litres for June 2019, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

This was 7.5% above the corresponding figure in 2018. In other words, 69.6 million more litres were sent to creameries and pasteurisers in June 2019 in contrast to June 2018.

Comparing the June 2019 milk produce figures with those for June 2018 shows that the total milk sold for human consumption decreased by 1.3% to 43.3 million litres, down from 43.9 million in 2018.

Image source: Central Statistics Office

Furthermore, it was found that butter production was up 9.7% to 28,060t.

In terms of total milk production from January to June of this year, it is up by a massive 10% compared to this time last year, with 4,206.9 million litres produced in 2019, compared to the 2018 figure of 3,824.3 million litres.

This huge increase in milk production is reflective of the growth in the national herd, along with the fantastic year we have had in terms of grass growth, so far this year on dairy farms.

Looking at the sales, skimmed and semi-skimmed milk sales were down, with 15.9 million litres sold in June 2019, compared to 17 million last year.

Skimmed milk powder (SMP), on the other hand, recorded a slight drop with 18,500t of SMP sold in June 2019, compared to 18,600t in the same month last year.

Imported milk intake was recorded at 80.3 million litres for June 2019; however, figures for the same period last year are not yet available. Total figures for cheese are also not yet available from the CSO.