Diesel wash waste discovered dumped on roadside

Two IBC tanks containing diesel wash waste were discovered dumped on a roadside in Co. Louth earlier this week.

The cube tanks were found abandoned in the Kilkerley area of the county on Wednesday, October 9.

The two 1,000L tanks were found to be leaking their contents onto the roadside – and posing both a danger to road-users and to the environment, according to Louth TD Declan Breathnach.

Taking to social media, deputy Breathnach highlighted the issue, stating:

“Two cubes of diesel sludge discarded at Carrickrobin Kilkerley onto the roadway causing a danger to road users and environmental as both cubes are leaking their 2,000L.

“Those who commit such crime have no respect for our country nor environs,” the Fianna Fáil TD added.

The waste is believed to have been used in washing marker dye out of agricultural diesel.

In the Republic of Ireland, according to the Irish Revenue, green diesel, also known as marked gas oil (MGO), is diesel on which mineral oil tax at a reduced rate has been paid on condition that it is used only for purposes that qualify for that reduced rate.

It is chemically marked and dyed green to deter misuse for purposes to which a higher rate of tax applies. In the UK, red-coloured dye is used for the same purpose.