‘Diamond’ shines brightest in latest ICBF dairy evaluation run

The Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) recently completed its September 2018 evaluation run to populate the Dairy Active Bull List.

The bulls evaluated had an EBI (Economic Breeding Index) reliability percentage of >35% and a calving difficulty reliability percentage of >70%. They were also required to have more than 50 calving records.

Topping the latest evaluation run with an EBI of €316 was Diamond Anton (FR2239). Offered by the National Cattle Breeding Centre (NCBC), the son of Imleach Lucky Gloss boasts a €106 value for milk and a €139 value for fertility in his genomic proof.

Two graduates of Teagasc’s Next Generation Herd in Kilworth, Co. Cork, take second and third place respectively. Nextgen PHC Eimer 557 (FR2460) – a son of Currihevern Rudolph (PHC) – is credited with a €306 EBI rating on his genomic proof, while Nextgen YKG Candy 593 takes third place with an EBI of €303.

An internationally daughter-proven bull – S-S-I Shamrock Mystic (FR4119) – takes fourth place with an EBI rating of €303, while Ballinteskin Arnold (FR4021) is rated fifth with an EBI of €299 on his genomic proof.

Genomically-selected bulls top the rankings

As has been the case over the past number of years, genomically-selected sires continue to take up the majority of the top spots on the ICBF Dairy Active Bull List.

Of the top 25 bulls ranked on the basis of EBI, 16 are genomically selected, three are daughter proven internationally and six are daughter proven here in Ireland.

Holstein Friesian genetics – or bulls whose predominant breed is Holstein Friesian – also feature strongly, as 23 of the top 25 bulls fall into this category. The exceptions to this are Bradene Pas Tripestar (JE4289) – a 100% Jersey bull – and Bells CM Conrad S2J (JE2438) – a 93.75% Jersey bull. Click here to access the ICBF Dairy Active Bull List