Department calls on vets to take up Brexit inspector roles

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is now inviting private veterinary practitioners to consider taking up positions as inspectors as part of Brexit contingency planning.

The department announced today (Monday, February 25) that it was looking for vets to register for a process in which appropriately qualified personnel will be contracted for Border Inspection Post (BIP) duty.

In a statement, the department said that the initiative forms part of its wider Brexit planning, and will include external recruitment through the Public Appointments Service, as well as the redeployment of current staff within the department.

The plan is for the successful applicants under this process to be deployed at Dublin and Rosslare ports, “should the need arise”.

The department says that, depending on how import and export patterns pan out over time, there may be further deployment of staff at other BIPs, citing Shannon Airport as an example.

Vets looking to become part of the ‘BIP Veterinary Inspection Services’ will be asked to complete a two-stage process, both of which can be undertaken through the State Procurement Website.

Everyone in Government and beyond would wish that no-deal Brexit plans and contingencies remain on the shelf. It is appropriate however that solutions are put in place that can address all potential contingencies.

“In that respect, arrangements such as this will afford the department the appropriate flexibility and latitude in addressing the situation as it evolves, taking both the specific situations that prevails and value for money into account,” concluded the statement.