Dairygold grain prices welcomed by IFA

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) has welcomed Dairygold’s announcement of grain prices today and stated that the prices show strong support for tillage farmers.

The IFA’s Grain Committee chairperson Mark Browne stated that Dairygold’s pricing for 2020 “puts a floor on the market”.

The IFA had called on the trade to return sustainable prices to grain farmers to prevent a further drop in income for the sector.

While the prices will not cover production costs for the farmers who suffered considerable yield losses this season, they do somewhat acknowledge the difficult tillage season.

He continued on to note that the prices put a value and emphasis on quality-assured Irish grain. Browne also acknowledged that these companies operate in a competitive market environment.

The grain chairperson called on all co-ops and grain buyers “to show a similar commitment to the sustainability of their grain suppliers by returning similar prices at a minimum”.

The Co. Wexford tillage farmer also urged farmers buying feed to insist on Irish grains in rations and to support the feed companies backing Irish tillage farmers.

Dairygold prices

Dairygold announced its grain prices for Harvest 2020 this morning (October 14).

The Munster-based co-op will pay base prices of €157/t for green feed barley and €183/t for green feed wheat which was delivered in the harvest of 2020.

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It should be noted that these prices include the premium for minimum purchase terms.

Dairygold’s base grain prices for Harvest 2020 (including premium):
  • Feed barley – €157/t;
  • Feed wheat – €183/t;
  • Oats – €152/t;
  • Malting barley – €187/t;
  • Beans – €210/t;
  • Oilseed rape – €360/t.