Don’t forget Fathers Day is today and if you are looking for a special gift for your dad, here’s some great farming ideas.

Splash out because he is worth it! If you have the money, splash out on the latest ArmaTrac for your dad, tractors armed well for the toughest job anywhere on earth, even Connemara!

Grease is the word: A cast light alloy and high pressure lever action grease gun, words of joy for any farmer. Free floating and rapid filling,  this gun from Lumatic develops 400bar (6000psi) of pressure, which is pretty fab.

A guiding light: The torch is an essential item for any farmer, Carlow-based Cheetah, who have been in business 38 years, provides one of the best LED lighting going. A good torch lights the load of many a farmer.

Get hitched: The Ring Heavy Duty Hitch Lock from Halfords is a universal fitting device designed to fit most 50mm trailer hitch heads. The lock is made from a solid and robust steel construction for added security and it is also bright yellow for added visual security. It comes complete with two keys for both you and your dad.

On the nail: You canot go wrong with a versatile and easy-to-use nail puller for your farming father. Hultafors products are ideal and its latest product, the Naill Puller ATLE hits the nail on the head.

Protect your phone: The Armor Series iPhone 4/4S case, from Otterbox, is drop proof, dust proof, crush proof and waterproof. Features a thermoplastic shell and offers a precise fit within .003. Stainless steel latch keeps device secure. Even though it’s not available until June 24, you can still surprise dad by having it shipped as soon as it’s available.

Saw against the grain: With bigger blades and an extra 600 watts of punch, the DualSaw Destroyer CS650 gives you more power and cutting depth. Twin-blade technology gives a smooth cut without splintering and breaking, less kickback, friction, sparks, vibration, and bite than a traditional circular saw.

Fits like a glove: These LED work gloves have a built-in flashlight so Dad can see what he’s working on without holding a flashlight in his teeth. Each glove has one LED light and four attachment points, for adjustable lighting. Now that is impressive.

Give it some welly: Dad will love a new pair of wellies! Whether for work or play, you’ll find a style that suits him perfectly on Wellies.

Garden cart: Whether Dad is transporting tools, tackle or gardening gear, the gear from Toolcartsirelandwhich are made of industrial aluminum, is sure to handle a number of heavy loads. 

Music to dad’s ears: Does your dad use a smartphone? An iTunes gift card could be an ideal gift, as mobile apps are gaining popularity with farmers, with offerings ranging from a planting calculator to an aphid scout guide to soil survey data and more, there’s definitely something that would help his farm business.

Take a snooze: This handy, portable hammock is perfect for snoozing in the backyard. Many ranges come with a carrying bag, pillow and storage rack underneath the hammock for holding books and magazines. 

Picture perfect: Shutterfly makes it easy to upload photos and create books for those special memories. Have fun with different themes, such as a favorite holiday, farming and family highlights, or photos of Dad as a child next to snapshots of his own children. Now that’s a very special way to celebrate Father’s Day.

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