CROPS WATCH: Clean winter barley and oats reducing costs

John Mulhare will be cutting costs on his winter barley this season. He describes the thinking behind his strategy in this installment of CROPS WATCH in association with TerraChem. In the video below, John gives a final run down on winter barley husbandry.

The clean crop of Bazooka (hybrid) would normally get a medium strength fungicide at this time of the year. However, John will just apply Bravo at T2. The T3 won’t be over the top either as disease pressure is low.

The T2 will go on at flag leaf (GS39). Bravo at 1L/ha will be accompanied by Terpal at 1L/ha to ensure that the crop stands.

“If I put no regulator on this, there is a good chance the crop will still stand. If I put Terpal on it, I know the crop will stand,” John explained.

As the crop didn’t receive any phosphorus (P) or potassium (K) this season, John also plans to apply MagPhosK at a rate of 2.5L/ha.

Ramularia control will be a priority at the T3 application. Credo or Amistar Opti both contain chorothalonil and will provide good control of ramularia.

The Proline, along with the strobilurin (contained in the Credo or Amistar Opti), will look after other diseases such as rhynchosporium and net blotch.

John’s T3 will consist of the following:
  • Proline at 0.4L/ha;
  • Credo at 1L/ha or Amistar Opti at 1.25L/ha.

Low inputs on winter oats due to low disease pressure

Kevin Nolan’s (Nolan Farming) winter oats were at GS32 last week when AgriLand visited. John explained that the crop of Husky was very clean and received herbicide three weeks ago.

This comprised of Cameo Max at 50g/ha; Hurler at 0.75L/ha and Solar Plus water conditioner at 1L/1,000L of water.

Kevin’s oats crop was at GS32 when John dissected the plant

A few days later the crop received its T1 – Talius at 0.25L/ha for mildew – and its first plant growth regulator of the season – CeCeCe at 1L/ha with Moddus at 0.2L/ha.

The crop will receive its T2 early next week. This will be Cielex at 1.33L/ha. It will receive a second application of CeCeCe at 1L/ha with Moddus at 0.2L/ha.

It is likely that the crop will not get a third plant growth regulator application, but it will get a final fungicide of Jenton at 1.5L/ha with SulfaMag Aloy at 1L/ha. This will help with grain fill and bushel weight.