Creed confirms further round of beef talks for Monday

A further round of talks on the beef sector is set to begin on Monday, September 9, Minister Michael Creed has confirmed.

The talks follow on from a wave of protests that began early last week, which were sparked by the first set of beef talks.

Many farmers and farmer organisations expressed their views that, while progress had been made on some fronts during those talks, the underlying issue of beef prices had not been addressed.

There has been significant engagement with stakeholders throughout the duration of this dispute and I believe that there is now a basis for the renewal of talks between the parties.

Speaking today, Thursday, September 5, the minister said: “We have reached a point where it is critically important for the future of the sector that stakeholders engage in a spirit of compromise to resolve a dispute that has the potential to inflict long-term damage on the sector if it continues.

“It is clear that this can only happen if processors and protesters step back from court proceedings and illegal blockades, in order to allow space for meaningful talks to proceed,” he added.

Minister Creed confirmed that his department would be in touch with stakeholders during the day to make the necessary arrangements.