Cork women’s farming forum to focus on work/life balance

Skibbereen and Bandon Credit Union will host their second of a series of Women in Agriculture Forums in the West Cork Hotel on Thursday, February 7.

Achieving a good work/life balance, collaborative farming and succession planning are among the critical issues that will be discussed.

It will target women involved in farming and agri business on a day-to-day basis and those who manage farm and family finances and administration.

A recent survey by Skibbereen and Bandon Credit Union on women involved in the agri industry in west Cork found that 61% believe financial pressure is the most significant stress factor when running a farm.

The survey, which sought to look for women’s insights into farm life, was carried out ahead of the first-forum event held in Bandon last October.

Attendees to the event on Thursday, February 7, will hear from a variety of keynote speakers including:
  • Tom Curran, specialist in farm management, Teagasc;
  • Finola Colgan, Mental Health Ireland;
  • Albert Wolfe, solicitor.

Attendees will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on the future of farming in west Cork, as well as learning new techniques on new farm practices and overcoming the increasing workload of managing a farm business.

Speaking about the forum, Elma Casey, COO, Skibbereen and Bandon Credit Union, said: “This event, the second in a series, will build on our experience and will give attendees some solid take-home lessons on how to deal with changing farm practices and how they can better plan for the future.

A vital part of this event will be the questions and answers session, and we will make sure that there is ample time allowed at this forum for this essential element.

“For many years a woman’s role on the farm was not recognised, but today things are very different with countless women very successfully running farms and making considerable strides in new farming techniques.

“We look forward to hearing personal stories from women at the forefront of farming in west Cork who will speak candidly on the real challenges and benefits of farm life.”

People that are interested in attending the event can register here.