Where weeds such as nettles, thistles, briars and docks are present at fences, ditches and hedges, there is still an opportunity to get rid of them with a spot treatment of Grazon Pro.

Grazon Pro is a broad-spectrum herbicide, proven highly successful on grassland weeds and has been tried and tested over the last number of years by Irish farmers.

Manufactured by Corteva Agriscience and distributed on the Irish market by Whelehan Crop Protection, it contains two powerful root killing ingredients: Triclopyr and clopyralid. 

According to technical manager with Whelehan Crop Protection, Chris Maughan, no other product has a higher concentration of these two active ingredients.

“Grazon Pro is fast acting, offers high levels of long-term control and is excellent value for money,” said Chris.

“As well as nettles, thistles, docks and briars, it is also highly effective on buttercups, gorse cow parsley and buck thistles, which are very prevalent under fencelines this year.”

Buck thistles are a bi-annual plant, meaning they grow as a rosette in the first year and then upright the following year and produces a seedhead

“Buck thistles are a bi-annual plant meaning it grows as a rosette in the first year and then it grows upright the following year and produces a seedhead,” Chris continued.

“Therefore, the thistle that will produce seeds next year are present this autumn. Target this with Grazon Pro now to eliminate the problem next year.”

WATCH: Have questions on application and timing? In the video below, Chris Maughan outlines how to get the most from your application of Grazon Pro.

Autumn thistle control

Where thistle weeds were not controlled earlier in the season, there is an opportunity to treat them with a late-August/September application of Thistlex, the specialist thistle herbicide.

Another Corteva Agriscience herbicide, it contains the active ingredients triclopyr and clopyralid, which are absorbed right down to the roots of the thistles.

For best control, thistles should be actively growing, have 4-10 leaves, be 15-25cm high and before a seed head appears.

Thistle-infested swards that were recently cut for hay should now be at the right stage for effective treatment with Thistlex.

Apply Thistlex at 1l/ha in a minimum of 200L water and keep animals off grass for seven days after spraying. Thistlex gives up to 85% control for 12 months after application.

Thistle-infected swards that were recently cut for hay should now be at the right stage for effective treatment with Thistlex

Autumn dock control

“There is still plenty of time to control docks in grazing pastures. Eliminating docks this autumn will allow grassland to rejuvenate and reach its full potential next spring with a weed free sward,” said Chris.

Where second-cut silage has been taken, these paddocks will now be at an ideal stage for spraying dock weeds (rosette stage and 15-25cm high or across). With more silage ground coming back into the grazing rotation, this allows the rotation length to be extended.

When it comes to herbicide choice, there is nothing to beat the specialist product Doxstar Pro. Containing two chemicals, triclopyr and fluroxypyr, it ensures the most effective kill of the dock root system.

It is also highly effective on chickweed and dandelions. Unlike dicamba-based products, there is no affect to grass growth.

Use at a rate of 2.0L/ha as a single dose or 1.0L/ha as a split dose, first in autumn time and repeat in the spring with an additional dose of 1.0L/ha. This helps to kill out any plant that may have regrown from an old taproot present at the time.

As with all systemic herbicides, keep animals off pasture for seven days after spraying.

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