Clifford Deacon and his father Harry Deacon run Meadow dairy farm in Clonroche, Co. Wexford. The farm was established in 1900 and has been passed down through the generations. Now a dairy farm with over 70 cows, it is located next to the family’s beautiful garden centre, Coolaught Gardens.

The family had previously installed an oil system for the farm’s hot water needs but were unhappy with how loud the system was. The noise pollution was not only affecting the farm but also causing disruption in the family home close by.

While searching for a better alternative, Clifford spoke with a friend who had recently installed the Flogas LPG On-Demand Hot Water system at his own dairy farm. His friend was very happy with the Flogas solution and recommended that he get in touch with Flogas. Clifford contacted David Conroy, the local Flogas dairy representative.

The Flogas solution

David Conroy paid a visit to the farm, bringing the Flogas hot water dairy demonstration trailer with him, to show Clifford and Harry Deacon exactly how the Flogas On-Demand system works.

The Deacons were very impressed, especially at how quiet it was compared to their oil system. They liked how straightforward it was to operate and how quickly and efficiently it produced hot water up to 85°. David also advised the farmers about the location for the Flogas tank and the necessary siting guidelines for their farm.

“The farmer gets on in running his business, he’s got guaranteed hot water,” said David.

The changeover process

The local installer did a site walkthrough and advised on the best location to install the heater units and the optimum distances from the heaters and water taps.

A Flogas bulk LPG tank was delivered and sited, and two wall-mounted water heaters were installed and connected. Since then, they haven’t looked back.

“I found the transition completely seamless and I would definitely recommend Flogas LPG to anyone that was thinking of changing their hot water system,” commented Clifford.

The results:

  • On demand hot water delivering temperatures from 37˚C to 85˚C;
  • Consistently low total bacteria count (TBC) count since installation, 3,000-6,000, meeting Glanbia milk quality regulations;
  • No hot water storage costs;
  • Reduced carbon footprint and full control of the amount of hot water that is used;
  • Reliable source of hot water, secure from theft;
  • Frost protected for winter;
  • No noise pollution.

Want to find out more?

If your current system is not providing you with the level of service you require and contributing to high bills, call Flogas for a free on-site survey. It will provide a free quotation for a system tailored to you, and will analyse your existing energy costs and outline the savings and benefits you’ll enjoy by converting to Flogas LPG.

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