Clipex has recently launched a new addition to its manually operated cattle crush range and also has a brand new product coming to its sheep handling range which will be launched very soon.

Clipex Fencing and animal handling products have been at the heart of innovation in Ireland since 2016 and the company continuously adds new innovative products to its range.

Its product range includes fencing, cattle crushes, sheep handling systems, and cattle and sheep yards.

Clipex distributes its products across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

New addition to HDX1100 cattle crush range

The HDX1100 series cattle crush is from the Clipex manually operated cattle crush range and features a double parallel squeeze and anti-rattle catches on all swinging doors, and much more.

Clipex native
Clipex native

Clipex has also recently added a brand-new rubber floor to its HDX1100 double parallel squeeze cattle crush.

Clipex crushes are designed to reduce noise and disturbance. Therefore, the addition of a rubber floor allows for an even more silent process than before.

The crushes are designed for minimal disturbance to the animal, enabling the handler to work more efficiently and safely on the animal.

The crush’s double parallel squeeze enables the handler to squeeze the animal from both sides making it easier and safer to work with.

The crush also allows the handler to slow animals down when they are passing through the crush.

The squeeze closes to 12in which allows the handler to work on smaller animals too.

Clipex native

New sheep drafter launching soon

The Clipex 6-in-1 Auto Sheep Drafter, has been designed to be an incredibly fast auto drafter – drafting up to 900 sheep/hour.

Its design enables handlers to weigh, draft, drench, inject, dose and dag sheep safely and easily.

Furthermore, the auto sheep handler is compact in design and suitable for most yard designs.

Product features

The drafter automatically catches and clamps the sheep quickly to weigh the sheep accurately. The catch position can be adjusted to suit different sizes and shapes.

The drafter includes a three-way draft system, but by adding a supported weigh scale indicator, it can draft up to five ways.

The backing flap and entry gate feature enables sheep to move through the drafter effortlessly without causing weight errors or double catches.

Clipex products are designed to make farming faster, easier and safer for both the animal and handler.

You can view the HDX1100 Cattle Crush with new rubber floors on display at the Clipex Showroom in Ennis, Co. Clare.

Check out Clipex’s social media accounts @ClipexEurope for more details on the launch of the new 6-in-1 Auto Sheep Drafter.

For further information click here, or contact the Clipex team on: 065 670 3351, or: 087 191 4360.