Censortec Ireland unveils new heat detection hub

Censortec Ireland, which has played a significant role in bringing Nedap CowControl animal monitoring systems and heat detections systems to the number one position in Ireland, has opened its new offices in Co. Kerry.

“We are delighted to be opening this facility to continue with our rapid growth in the Irish market,” commented Donagh Crowley of Censortec Ireland.

The new facility allows us to support our existing customer base and allows us to expand and improve the level of support that we can offer our new clients going forward.

Censortec is an Irish-based agricultural business located in the south-west offering Nedap CowControl systems to the Irish dairy farmer.

“Nedap CowControl keeps track of each cow’s signs of heat, eating, rumination and inactive behaviour, day and night,” said Sean Crowley, farm management support.

“This provides precise and complete information about the fertility, health, well-being and nutritional status of individual cows and groups. We alert farmers to the dairy cows that need your attention.

“Breeding for 2021 should start now,” continued Sean. ”The general advantage of a health monitoring system during the dry-off period is that it can determine the success of the upcoming lactation.

“Any issues can be tackled at an early stage, otherwise this will dramatically effect the economic contribution these cows make during the next lactation. Nedap CowControl can help you find any issues at an early stage before they become a problem.”

Transition period

Nedap CowControl can also provide useful insights into the transition period from 60-days pre-calving to 30-days post-calving. Cow chewing activity, including eating and rumination, can be used to detect early symptoms of ketosis and hypocalcemia. It can also help determine future reproductive success.

Cows that eat less during the dry period and the fresh period are at higher risk of ketosis and hypocalcemia.

When chewing activity suddenly drops, the system will generate an alert and add her to a list of cows in need of attention. And, by identifying cows with a higher probability of ketosis, you can intervene and prevent lower milk production and lost body condition throughout lactation.

If a cow isn’t eating as often as she should, you can check on her and treat her accordingly. If multiple cows are experiencing similar issues, you can evaluate your feeding management and environment. Making the necessary adjustments can help cows get bred back sooner.

Resumption of cyclicity

She simply may not be cycling (annovular). With an activity monitoring system, you can act proactively by finding these problem cows quicker, then solving the cause of the fertility problem or providing an effective treatment to resolve it – ultimately, getting them bred faster.

“Instead of missing the heat altogether and waiting for the next cycle, activity monitors give you actionable insights to dig deeper into why a cow didn’t come into heat,” said Sean.


“Inseminating cows at the right time matters to your dairy’s bottom-line, so it’s important to catch cows in heat when it’s most productive to breed them,” continued Sean.

“Activity monitors are a tool to track heats 24/7 so you don’t have to spend time watching for heats or worry about missing a heat. However, to catch cows in heat, cows need to physically show their heats. Having appropriate environmental and management protocols in place will help ensure you never miss a single heat.”

To learn more about heat detection with activity monitoring systems and how they can help your farm reach its productivity goals, visit: www.censortec.com.

What makes Censortec a market leader?

Nedap is the global leader in animal livestock sensor technology for over 30 years.

The system includes:

  • Very accurate heat detection 24/7;
  • Measured neck movements of the cow that indicates cows in heat;
  • Eating monitoring function detects possible health problems;
  • Optional rumination monitoring;
  • Thanks to its optimised shape and weight, the SmartTag stays neatly in position at the base of the neck;
  • Ideal for grazing animals, heifers and suckler cows;
  • Unmatched life span of eight to 10 years;
  • No ongoing charges;
  • No reliance on broadband.

Interactive software: The bottom line

As it is well documented at this stage, each missed heat can cost an Irish dairy farmer a minimum of €250. The system is extremely accurate and indicates to the farmer the optimum time for insemination, therefore boosting submission rates and reducing the calving interval.

The system monitors the herd with regards to eating and rumination allowing the farmer to act quickly with regard to sick cows and, therefore, significantly reducing veterinary costs. If the percentage of sick cows in the herd is reduced it will also mean more milk in the tank.

The reduction of bulls on a farm has a significant cost benefit but can also make your farm a much safer place.

“These are only some of the benefits of the system,” said Sean.

“It is very exciting to be bringing the Nedap CowControl system to Irish farmers as Nedap is and has always been the pioneers of animal sensor technology with over 40 years’ experience in the field. Come and see or yourself.”