Imagine winning the world’s leading heat detection and health monitoring system. Well maybe you can… Be in with a chance of winning the Censortec heat detection and health monitoring system at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.

Censortec will supply a system of 50 Nedap SmartTags and collars to a lucky farmer. The prize involves the complete installation and backup of a Nedap CowControl system; the world’s leading cow monitoring technology.

The prize will be given away just in time for Christmas and will be installed early in the New Year. Simply go online to:

You can also enter by visiting Censortec at National Ploughing Championships at: Block 1; Row 1; Stand 11.

‘One of the largest prizes ever made available’

Censortec Ireland is a southern-based company supplying Nedap technology to Irish dairy farmers. Censortec and Nedap have over 40 years combined expertise in dairy farming technology. Censortec installs and supports Nedap livestock management systems in the Irish market.

“We are really looking forward to meeting many farmers at this year’s National Ploughing Championships in Co. Carlow,” said Donagh Crowley of Censortec.

We had an extremely busy 2018 and 2019 as Irish farmers are realising the benefit of a Censortec animal monitoring system.

“This is one of the largest prizes ever made available to the Irish agricultural industry; make sure you come along to learn more about our products and to enter the draw.“

A unique system

Dairy farms in Ireland are continuously increasing in scale. Efficient management is therefore becoming even more crucial for dairy farms that focus on the future.

Labor efficiency is an aspect that constantly requires attention. How can we work at an optimal efficient manner?

The system is unique to the Irish dairy market. Its features include:

  • Very accurate heat detection 24/7;
  • Measured neck movements of the cow that indicates when a cow’s in heat;
  • At least 90% detection rate;
  • An eating monitoring function detects possible health problems;
  • Optional rumination monitoring;
  • Thanks to its optimised shape and weight, the SmartTag stays neatly in position at the base of the neck;
  • Ideal for grazing animals, heifers and suckler cows;
  • Unmatched life span of eight to 10 years;
  • No ongoing charges.

Donagh says this technology helps address a huge challenge faced by dairy farmers – knowing exactly when a cow is in heat.

He says there are significant economic factors at stake when it comes to heat detection because it’s the single controllable factor that makes the biggest impact on farm profitability.


“Inseminating cows at the right time matters to your dairy’s bottom line; so it’s important to catch cows in heat when it’s most productive to breed them,” commented Sean Crowley of Censortec.

“Activity monitors are a tool to track heats 24/7 so you don’t have to spend time watching for heats or worry about missing a heat.

“However, to catch cows in heat, cows need to physically show their heats. Having appropriate environmental and management protocols in place will help ensure you never miss a single heat.”

To learn more about heat detection with activity monitoring systems and how they can help your farm reach its productivity goals, visit:

Heat and health monitoring to improve your bottom line

As it is well documented at this stage, each missed heat can cost an Irish dairy farmer a minimum of €250. The Nedap CowControl System is extremely accurate and indicates to the farmer the optimum time for insemination; therefore boosting submission rates and reducing the calving interval.

The system monitors the herd with regard to eating and rumination, allowing the farmer to act quickly with regard to sick cows and, therefore, significantly reducing veterinary costs. If the percentage of sick cows in the herd is reduced, it will also mean more milk in the tank.

The reduction of bulls on a farm also has a significant cost benefit, but can also make your farm a much safer place.

“These are only some of the benefits of the system,” said Sean. “It is very exciting to be bringing the Nedap CowControl System to Irish farmers, as Nedap is and has always been the pioneers of animal sensor technology, with over 40 years of experience in the field. Come and see for yourself.”

Censortec is located at: Block 1; Row 1; Stand 11; just inside gate 1. Come along and enter this amazing competition and speak to the Censortec team about Nedap CowControl for your farm.