Two calves were repeatedly shot with bolts from a crossbow in a vicious attack in the UK over the weekend.

Discovered by owner farmers yesterday morning, Sunday, June 23, the incident took place in Warwickshire, England.

In a statement on social media yesterday, the owners said: “This morning we found this whilst checking the cattle.

“Two young calves shot with a crossbow. One shot in the hind leg and one shot twice in the shoulder.

It is beyond me how on earth any human being can do something like this, leave the calves in such pain and causing so much heartache for the mothers and for us.

“Luckily for the oldest calf the arrow hasn’t gone in too far so hopefully should recover with the injections for 10 days,” the owner stated.

[Warning: Graphic images below]

“But as for the youngest one, it died as a consequence…the one arrow punctured its lung and killed it.”

The farmers included graphic images of the attack, questioning the mentality and lack of empathy of the perpetrators.

The statement prompted almost 5,000 responses on social media, with commentators labelling the attack as “evil” and “sick”.

There have been no announcements to date of arrests made in relation to the attack.