Bringing the forecourt to the farm with Carbery Plastics

The Government has ambitious growth objectives for the country’s world-class, agri-food sector as part of its Food Wise 2025 plan.

An 85% increase in exports to €19 billion is targeted; alongside a 60% increase in primary production to some €10 billion and the creation of no fewer than 23,000 jobs within the sector.

While the introduction of new technologies will be central to realising those ambitions, it’s also important not to overlook opportunities to improve existing processes and practices on and around the farm.

Get more done in less time

According to Ireland’s largest storage tank manufacturer Carbery Plastics, a good starting point in the quest for more efficient farms is reviewing how fuel is stored, handled and dispensed.

Carbery Plastic’s Pio Ronan said: “Diesel is the lifeblood of today’s rural economy; powering everything from generators to grain dryers.

Handling, storing and dispensing diesel responsibly and efficiently can make a surprising difference to productivity and profitability.

“At Carbery Plastics, we’ve worked closely with Irish contractors and farmers to develop a range of fuel storage products, which have been engineered to help them to get more done in less time.”

Bringing the forecourt to the farm

From discussions with farmers and contractors, it became clear that what diesel users wanted most was a solution that allowed them to fill up just as easily on the farm as they can at the forecourt.

This led the west Cork based company to develop a range of Fuel King and Fuel Point tanks. Supplied complete with 230v electric pump, fuel-delivery hose, automatic-dispensing nozzle and much more besides, they cleverly combine the convenience of forecourt-style refueling with the assurance of supply only on-site storage provides.

The range comprises of no fewer than five different models; available in capacities ranging from 1,300L to 6,000L. A choice of specifications are also available to suit farm-specific requirements and budgets.

Fully bunded, every Fuel King and Fuel Point benefits from ‘tank within a tank’ construction to ensure compliance with the most-demanding Irish and EU regulations.

The inner tank is the primary storage vessel, while the outer tanks acts as a fail-safe in the event of a spill. Bunded tanks are proven to significantly reduce the risk of an environmental pollution incident. And, of course, they also reduce the costs and expense of a spill, which can frequently run into five figure sums.

Light in the darkness

By speaking with farmers and contractors, Carbery Plastics was also able to get an insight into how fuel is handled and stored on farms today.

Given that agricultural vehicles are often refueled during the hours of darkness, Carbery Fuel Points can now be specified with an illuminated refueling area; allowing for cleaner, quicker and safer refueling.

It’s a feature that’s standard fit across the company’s Fuel King range, which also come equipped with a retractable hose reel for even greater ease of use.

Similarly, recognising that today’s common rail diesel engines require plentiful supplies of fresh, cleanly-filtered fuel, Carbery Plastics was the first Irish manufacturer to fit integrated water and 10-micron particulate filtration to its complete range of bulk diesel storage tanks.

Better-quality fuel helps to reduce the risk of breakdown, improves combustion efficiency, maximises fuel economy and helps ensure compliance with manufacturers’ warranty terms.

For larger installations, Carbery Plastic’s supersize 6,000L capacity Fuel Point model can also be specified with a high-performance pump; making it ideal for refuelling outsize equipment, such as combine harvesters.

The tank is also available with a fuel management system, which allows consumption to be measured and access restricted.

A system-wide approach to refueling

As well as engaging with the agricultural community at product level, Carbery Plastics has also reconsidered with them how fuel is stored, dispensed and used at a system level. Carbery Plastic’s objective was to eliminate unnecessary and unwelcome downtime, which compromises performance and output.

Available in 200L and 400L capacities, Carbery Plastic’s Mobi Point range of tanks simply strap on to the back of a pick-up truck.

It allows you to deliver fuel wherever it’s required. The company’s 400L Mobi Point is ADR approved.

Supplied complete with a choice of 12v or 24v electric pump, delivery hose and nozzle, Mobi Points are a welcome alternative to jerry cans, barrels or drums and usefully cost less than a bowser.

They also help to eliminate the requirement to return to base for a ‘splash and dash’, which can prove a major drag on productivity.

Recognising that even the best-planned jobs can take a little longer and use more fuel than might be expected, Carbery Plastics developed a range of highly-portable Fuel Caddys.

Building upon the success of the Mobi Point range, these 60L capacity tanks are lightweight; easy to handle; and come supplied with an integrally-moulded handle and wheels for ease of handling.

Available for petrol, diesel and AdBlue, they can fit into the smallest of boots. Every Fuel Caddy is fitted with a hand pump, delivery hose and dispensing nozzle; making them perfect for replenishing smaller items of machinery, as well as emergency refuelling applications.

Trust the experts

Carbery Plastics – the pioneering manufacturer – has over 40 years manufacturing experience. Based in Ireland, the company is familiar with the requirements of farmers nationwide.

It offers free, expert advice and guidance on how to get the most from your fuel storage facilities. Whatever your issue or query, Carbery Plastic’s team has almost certainly already encountered and resolved it during the past four decades.

For more information, call Carbery Plastics at: 023-8833531 (9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday) or by email at: [email protected]. Click here for more information