Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live is available from this week from your local vet. It offers the earliest administration available on the market (to calves from one week-of-age) and provides the fastest onset of immunity against RSV and PI3 viruses (five days and seven days respectively).

Prevention is better than cure

One farmer who is interested in the new vaccine is Steven Arrell, from Bellaghy, Magherafelt Co. Derry, who farms a 140-cow suckler herd along with his father, David

Steven works closely with his veterinary practice to ensure that he’s getting the best results from his animal health programme and recognises the benefits of investing in preventative options rather than paying for treatment.

The Arrells have been using Bovipast RSP in all their weanlings for four years and have been very happy with the results. The Arrells plan to continue to use Bovipast but are looking for a solution to an issue they are having in their calves at around 14 days-of-age.

Steven Arrell, who farms a 140-cow suckler herd with his father in Bellaghy, Magherafelt Co. Derry, in a pen with autumn-born calves that he plans to vaccinate with Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live

“We spoke to our vet, Liam Young, from Drumrainey Veterinary Practice, about the issue of new-born calves contracting pneumonia before we were able to give them a shot of Bovipast at two weeks old,” explained Steven.

“We have had respiratory issues in the past which has led to calves having to receive treatment and, the odd time, losing an animal to pneumonia. We’ve had enough of treating sick animals so we turned and asked Liam what we could do ahead of this year’s calving period.

“He advised us that the new intranasal vaccine from MSD Animal Health would be suitable to tackle the issue we are having. The new vaccine is administered up the nose and can be given to the calves from just one week old so we’re going to use it to try solve the problem we’re having.

Cara Sheridan, vet advisor with MSD Animal Health, administering Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live to a seven day old dairy calf using the new vaccine gun and applicator nozzle for Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live

“We’ll be starting to calve in November so we want to be as prepared as we can be for that.

“We plan to stay one step ahead of pneumonia this winter by using Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live at one week old in the calves, then following up with two shots of Bovipast starting at four weeks old to maximise the calves’ immunity against the disease.”

Veterinary advice

Liam Young advises a holistic and collaborative approach to animal health. “We have been working with the Arrells for 20 years and it’s very much a collaborative working relationship.

“David and Steven take a very proactive approach to animal health and are keen to make improvements wherever they can. Protecting animal health involves a wide range of steps; not just vaccination. Biosecurity, hygiene, housing and management must all be dealt with to reduce the risk of disease.

Liam Young, veterinary practitioner with Drumrainey Vet Practice and Steven Arrell in a pen of autumn-born calves

“Bovipast has worked very well for our suckler herd customers, including the Arrells, in the past. The introduction of the new intranasal vaccine is a welcome development as it effectively enables us to offer a ‘turn-key’ vaccination programme for many of the farmers we work with.

“The new intranasal vaccine from MSD Animal Health will also effectively plug a gap for the Arrells by offering increased protection against pneumonia in the crucial early days of life.

“The new Bovilis INtranasal vaccine will stimulate the rapid onset of immunity and can be administered in the calving pen when the animals are just one week old. The five-dose pack is convenient for farmers to vaccinate small batches of calves as they reach seven days-of-age together.

“It offers a great opportunity to kick-start the vaccination programme in young calves, boost their immune system from the outset and secure long-term health benefits.”

Further information

Talk to your vet about using Bovilis vaccines to reduce respiratory disease within your herd, or visit: to find out more information.