Aurivo unveils fully renewable ‘bio-based’ milk cartons

Aurivo has announced the introduction of its new 1.75L renewable bio-based carton for its Connacht Gold milk brand.

The move expands its packaging range and offers a more sustainable source of raw material to its liquid milk customers.

Innovated by Tetra Pak, the Tetra Rex bio-based milk carton is the first fully renewable carton to arrive on the market, manufactured solely from a combination of plastics derived from sugarcane and paperboard – plant-based resources which are a more sustainable source of raw material.

The Connacht Gold 1.75L cartons are made up of 75% paper, a renewable material, with the cap, neck and coating of the carton made from plant-based raw materials using renewable sugar cane.

As part of its Engage 2022 strategy, Aurivo has implemented a number of sustainability measures across the business including its most recent €6 million investment in its consumer foods business in Killygordon, Co. Donegal.

This investment allows the Killygordon milk plant to significantly reduce on-site fossil fuel consumption by some 80%, according to the cooperative.

Aaron Forde, CEO of Aurivo, said: “The bedrock of Aurivo’s value generation is grounded on a philosophy of operational excellence and continuous improvement that takes precedence in all operations and business functions throughout the co-op.

The introduction of the Tetra Pak bio-based carton allows us to offer our consumers a carton that has a low environmental and climate change impact and can be traced back to its plant-based source.

As a member of Origin Green, Aurivo and its farmers “work together to reach sustainability targets and boost where possible the environmental profile of its products”, according to the north-west firm.