Aurivo co-op to launch Fixed Milk Price Scheme

Aurivo co-op has announced the introduction of a Fixed Milk Price Scheme (FMPS) for its dairy farmers at the first of a series of 10 regional supplier meetings today.

The announcement was made by Aurivo’s Dairy Ingredients and Consumer Foods general manager, Eoghan Sweeney.

According to the co-op, a price of 28.25c/L including VAT will apply for standard solids, but based on the expected average solids, the actual price will exceed 31c/L.

Aurivo says that suppliers can apply to fix up to 10% of their milk supply and the scheme will be allocated proportionately across suppliers that apply.

And, the scheme will commence on August 1 and run for a 30 month duration. 

Conditions of the Aurivo Fixed Milk Price Scheme

The only terms for suppliers in the Republic applying for the scheme are that the supplier must have signed an Aurivo Milk Supply and Purchase Agreement and must be participating in the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme, it says.

Following the supplier meetings, an information pack is being issued and farmers interested in taking part in the scheme must apply to Aurivo by 20 June.

The scheme will also apply to Aurivo’s dairy farmers in Northern Ireland, with suppliers in the North required to sign a supply agreement for the duration of the scheme.

Milk suppliers who are included in the 2016 FMPS will also get preferential access to future FMPS schemes, it says.