Are you selecting the right tyres for your tractor or equipment?

Selecting the correct tyres for any vehicle will have benefits in terms of traction, fuel efficiency and, ultimately, the quality of work carried out.

Over the years, the size and speed of agricultural machinery has increased and, as a result, farmers and contractors have been given more of a choice when it comes to replacing the tyres on their tractors, machines and implements.

However, failing to select the right tyre may have consequences in terms of output for both the tyre and the machine it is fitted to.

Farmers and contractors need to keep two important factors in mind when going out to purchase tyres. These are axle loads and the level of ground pressure required; the latter depends on the work being done – whether it’s road or field work (or a mixture of both) and ground or soil conditions.

Therefore, it’s important for anyone who is not sure of the correct tyre choice to seek advice from a trusted supplier.

Nearly 40 years of experience

Back in 1980, Fred Clarke founded Agrigear – the tyre and wheel specialists – in Bailieborough, Co. Cavan. In the intervening years, the company has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of agricultural tyres and wheels in the country.

Fred, who previously operated a contracting business, decided to focus on tyre, wheel and machinery sales after three bad harvests between 1978 and 1980.

“We originally started selling secondhand tyres from England, Holland and Germany and secondhand machinery in the 1980s.

“As the years progressed, the business started to grow and we focused on importing and supplying Irish farmers and contractors with a wide range of tyres,” Fred said.

From its beginnings as a retail outlet, Agrigear has progressed to become one of the largest wholesale suppliers covering the whole of Ireland.

Suppliers of quality BKT tyres

Back in 2001, the company took another monumental step forward when it was appointed the distributor of BKT tyres – an Indian company that’s one of the world’s fasting growing tyre manufacturers.

Fred explained that he had visited a number of European tyre trade shows in the late 1990s and was impressed by the quality of the BKT product.

He bought some BKT tyres for trial and testing them at home in Ireland and they proved to be very durable, high-performance tyres.

“They were of good quality and were a good serviceable tyre; but they weren’t widely available in Europe. In 2001, we were appointed as the distributor for Ireland and it has grown from there.”

Quality wise, BKT are top of the range and they are able to perform fully under Irish conditions.

Over the past 20 years, they have consistently proven to be a top-performing tyre and BKT has grown to be the company’s flagship product line.

The product portfolio is extensive and it includes a wide range of agricultural, implement, industrial, ATV, lawn and garden, off-the-road (OTR) and earth mover tyres; all of these are available in a range of sizes.

Along with the ranges mentioned above, the company also stocks car, van, 4×4 and truck tyres. These are available in a wide range of sizes and in a large selection of brands.

BKT’s Agrimax range has fast become a brand of preference among farmers and contractors in Ireland.

Fred added: “BKT is now the main brand we sell and we have a full range of tractor tyres available. We have tyre options to suit the smaller, lower horsepower tractors right the way up to the larger, high-powered tractors. In addition, we also have a wide choice of vintage tyres.

“We stock Agrimax 60, 65, 70, and 85 series tyres. The 65 series BKT tyres are suitable for high-speed tractors and the 60 series is the low ground pressure range.

“In addition, the Agrimax I.F. Force range, Agrimax V.F. V-Flecto range and Agrimax Fortis range are all specially designed for high-powered tractors.

“BKT tyres are very durable and affordable,” he added.

Tailor-made wheels and rims

Along with supplying a wide range of tyres, Agrigear also specialises in offering tailor-made wheels suited to the customer’s unique requirements. It also provides equipment manufacturers with the ideal wheel configurations for their machines.

In addition, Agrigear’s reconditioning service offers restoration solutions for chipped or rusted wheels through the use of shot blasting and powder coat painting services.

With its manufacturing and reconditioning facilities, Agrigear can manufacture or modify wheels to suit any machine or restore used or old wheels to their former glory.

More information

Agrigear is the appointed importer of BKT tyres throughout Ireland and offers a full technical backup service on all its products. BKT tyres are available countrywide through a network of BKT agents.

For more information on the services provided, call Agrigear at: 042-9666444 or visit

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