APHA: Are you looking for a new app to help with animal health and welfare?

The integrity of Ireland’s agri-food industry is paramount to its continued success. With 90% of Irish food and drink products destined for export, Ireland’s production system is regularly under the strictest review. An essential element of these reviews is the management of animal health and welfare, as well as animal remedies.

It is essential that anyone involved in the management of animal health or the administration of veterinary medicines is fully informed, understanding the correct treatment course, administration and withdrawal periods necessary.

To support industry in this task, the Animal and Plant Health Association (APHA) – the representative body for manufacturers and sole distributors of animal health (veterinary medicines) and plant health (plant protection / agrochemical) products in Ireland – is making its Compendium of Veterinary Medicine Datasheets available as an app.

Now, users can access information on over 600 veterinary products for animals.

The Compendium of Veterinary Medicine Datasheets has long been a resource for vets, pharmacists, farmers and those professionally concerned with the health treatment of animals.

However, APHA says the new app provides a practical solution to help them in providing a high standard of animal health care and safety.

Download the app

Free to download, the APHA Veterinary Compendium is available on Apple and android devices, as well as being hosted on the APHA website at: www.apha.ie.

You can find the app for IOS here; or for android phones here.