Since the 2016 Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Farm Hazardous Waste Campaign started on October 21, over 1,000 farmers have used the first five collection centres.

The campaign started on October 21 at Carnew and it is now at the halfway point after successful collections at Skibereen, Fermoy, Kilcullen and Milltown.

Looking over the figures, there are some impressive tonnages of waste collected so far:

  • 57t of waste oil.
  • 35t of batteries and electrical goods.
  • 24t of other hazardous wastes collected – including 5t of veterinary medicines, 5t of pesticides and herbicides; and 3t of oil filters.

Of the highly poisonous products, strychnine and cyanide have been presented for disposal, and from an environmental perspective a significant volume of chemicals which are classed as ‘persistent organic pollutants’ have been collected – such as Gamma-Col and Atrazine.


On the animal health remedies side, the most common collected products are intra mammary suspensions (dry cow tubes), and injectable antibiotics.

Looking more closely at the wastes arriving, agri-chemicals expert Gary Beirne said that there is certainly a trend developing; with respect to the crop protection chemicals a lot of “heritage” products are coming in for disposal.

These are products that have been on farm for up to 30-plus years, and are no longer registered as legally usable products under licencing by the Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Control Service.

“The farm hazardous waste collection programme provides all farmers a cost effective way of disposing of the listed products, and doing so in an environmentally proper way.

“This in turn helps compliance with farm inspection regulations, and so reduces chances of penalties being applied to their direct farm payments.”


The focus on the farm hazardous waste collections moves northwards now for rest of the campaign:

  • November 16, Drumshanbo Mart, Co. Leitrim.
  • November 19, County Council Site, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon.
  • November 22, Delvin Mart, Co. Westmeath.
  • November 25, Ballybay Mart, Co. Monaghan.
  • November 30, Drummond’s Yard, Navan, Co Meath.

The collection centres will open from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. A leaflet with information on waste types accepted and charges is available here.

The EPA is also reminding farmers that clean (triple-rinsed) pesticide and dairy hygiene containers are non-hazardous waste.

A half tonne bag filled with clean containers costs only €15 to recycle at your nearest IFFPG farm plastic recycling centres.