According to statistics released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) today agricultural output prices have remained more or less static in October on September’s figures.

The CSO’s figures show that the agricultural output price index increased by 0.5 per cent between September and October this year. Compared with October 2012 figures the index was up 4.5 per cent in October 2013. Of note within these figures is that cereals output prices down 28 per cent on 2012. Output prices for potatoes were also down 28 per cent on the same month last year.

On a more positive note output prices for cattle and milk were up in October on the same month last year up 4 per cent and 20.2 per cent respectfully.

On the input side the CSO input price index decreased by 1.4 per cent in October 2013 compared with September 2013. On an annual basis, the figures show that agricultural input price index in October 2013 was 2.6 per cent lower than in October 2012.

A highlight within this is that energy prices are 4.6 per cent down on October 2012 figures this includes prices associated with electricity and motor fuels. Fertiliser prices were also down on the same month last year showing a 1.1 per cent decrease.

The CSO figures also confirmed that feeding stuffs prices are also down. Figures show that prices are down 4.8 per cent in October on the same month last year.