With the breeding season just around the corner, by using the proven smaXtec health system you are steps ahead in terms of heat detection thanks to the precise detection of oestrus.

Thanks to a unique position of the bolus and direct measurement of inner body temperature, activity, rumination and drinking behaviour, the system provides you with most precise data from inside the cow.

Farmers receive accurate insights into the health, reproduction and feeding status of their cows, enabling them to improve their farm’s success, while reducing cost and workload.

The timing of insemination is crucial, yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to detect heats.

High-performing cows can be prone to showing fewer and fewer signs of oestrus and these are often not recognised through visual observation. Also, when the animals are out on pasture, oestrus can hardly be detected visually.

In addition, heat often takes place at night – with more than 70% of the animals showing heat signs during nighttime. Therefore, monitoring the animals 24/7 is essential to determine the onset of heat and subsequently calculate the optimal insemination time.

Additionally, alongside increasing herd sizes, difficulties can arise due to the large number of cows and the limited time available for visual heat detection. However, farmers need to remember that the financial success of a farm depends heavily on the fertility of the herd.

Using smaXtec this spring

The automatic and reliable heat detection by smaXtec is based on the recognition of characteristic changes in movement patterns as well as rumination during heat.

These typical behavioural changes often only occur for a short period of time and at night. Thanks to continuous monitoring, you detect the slightest oestrus signs.

Together with the automatically generated recommended insemination time, you can significantly improve insemination success and reproduction figures on your farm.

Advantages of round-the-clock heat detection

1. Reduced workload and less time required for heat monitoring

Visual oestrus detection requires many factors to be considered and is very time-consuming. The herd should be observed four times daily for at least 15 minutes in the resting phase to achieve the best results.

Farmers need a lot of time for this task. This is time that might be needed somewhere else.

With the smaXtec system, visual observation is no longer necessary as the system sends a notification to your smartphone or PC as soon as cows show oestrus signs, like increased activity at the right stage of the cycle.

2. Financial advantage

When using smaXtec, you receive animal-specific information around the clock and that bears fruit. Customers over recent years have confirmed that thanks to the system, a higher fertility rate and a shorter calving interval are ensured.

The system calculates an optimal insemination window to achieve a better conception rate and less days open. Customers are able to see a reduction of days open in their herd of up to 25% and reduce the age-at-first-calving significantly.

3. Optimised herd fertility

The smaXtec system enables you to identify animals with fertility problems rapidly. This way you are able to intervene at an early stage and treat your animals accordingly. In turn, the cow gets back in calf much quicker, saving time and money once again.

4. The certainty of not missing a heat

If farmers observe their cows visually, it can often lead to undetected heats as due to genetics and feeding, cows show only brief heat symptoms.

In addition, the animals often show signs at night. This is especially seen in the summer months when significant signs of oestrus can often be observed only at night. During the day the cows are usually too hot to move very much.

The heat detection which monitor around the clock is excellent

smaXtec provides you with the certainty of not missing heats and thus ensures your animals can be inseminated at just the right moment. As every missed heat is a cost factor, it is essential to inseminate your animals at the right time.

This way you are able to optimise your reproduction figures and ensure stable milk production.

5. The ideal insemination window

The smaXtec system not only detects the heat conditions of your animals but also determines the optimal insemination time. Once a heat notification is sent, the system provides you with information regarding the right time for insemination.

Example curve heat detection
Picture 1: Example curve heat detection

The insemination time window consists of several phases, whereby in the beginning no exact time is yet displayed. The insemination window opens eight hours after main oestrus has been reached.

An exact time window is only displayed in the smaXtec software once the system has correctly calculated the time frame, enabling maximum insemination success.

Unique technology

The unique smaXtec bolus technology is much more than a regular heat detection system. It also supports you with best possible monitoring of animal health and early detection of diseases.

Thanks to the variety of measured high-quality data, you are informed immediately when health issues arise and can react earliest possible. With smaXtec you detect diseases such as mastitis up to four days before clinical signs become visible.

Customers report a reduced usage of antibiotics by up to 70% since using the smaXtec system.

smaXtec can even do more.
With the system you are not only able to monitor your cows’ health in the critical phase around birth, but you are also informed before calving takes place. You receive notifications 15 hours before calving on average and have a good overview of your animals.

Contact smaXtec and implement the unrivaled smaXtec system on your farm and start improving your key performance indicators (KPIs) today.

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