A reliable, high-speed broadband solution for Ireland’s rural farming community

Now more than ever, access to reliable, high-speed broadband has never been more important for Ireland’s rural farming community. According to the national broadband plan, there are 56,000 farms in rural Ireland without access to high-speed broadband.

With over 200 High-Speed Fibre Hubs already live, Imagine’s advanced high-speed broadband network is already delivering much-needed high-speed broadband to over 1 million farms, businesses, homes and schools across regional and rural Ireland.

Imagine’s advanced high-speed broadband network seamlessly connects rural farms to the national fibre network delivering reliable, consistent broadband speeds of up to 150Mb with a simple installation process taking just 90 minutes to complete.

Smart farming

In support of Ireland’s farming community, Imagine is offering free priority installations to any of the farming businesses already in coverage during the month of August.

Taking advantage of this impressive offer couldn’t be easier; simply visit: www.imagine.ie and provide your Eircode, or call the priority install team on: 1800-938-312.

One of the key indicators for such high demand in reliable high-speed broadband has been the emergence of smart farming, not only in Ireland but across the globe.

According to research provided by farm business Skillnet, which was supported by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) in November 2019, 86% of Irish farms have either already embraced smart farming technology or plan to do so in the near future.

Smart farming is key for the future of agriculture and with the demand for food increasing the need for innovative ideas has never been greater.

Ultimately, smart farming is a management tool using modern technology to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products. The concept has been embraced globally by the UN, the EU, and even at home by the IFA.

Smartfarming.ie reported an average saving of €6,300 to the farm in 2019 using various approaches to precision farming. There are multiple options for every type of farm, some of each are extremely easy to use and have been proven to offer savings not only in cost but in time management.

With access to Imagine’s high-speed broadband, the farm can benefit from various agri-tech solutions, many of which are Irish owned, emphasising Imagine’s investment in supporting rural businesses.

Agritech also includes a range of physical devices from cameras to sensors, all of course depending on a reliable connection and many on fixed IP addresses. Business Insider predicts that by 2023 over 12 million smart sensors will be employed in the agricultural industry.

One thing is clear, smart farming is the future. The major roadblock particularly in our country has been connectivity.

Without connectivity, each farm and local business alike are left without access to the modern approach to commerce. In bringing the world’s most advanced wireless technology to rural Ireland, Imagine can now provide a real working solution to this problem.

Register now

The initiative ends August 31, so register now on Imagine.ie for a free priority installation, or call: 1800-938-312 now for more information.