The ICBF released its top 200 herds on EBI listing today.

The raking shows no change at the top with Pat Flynn from Kilworth in Cork remaining in first place. According to the ICBF his EBI is €234 with €30 coming from Milk Sub-Index and €174 from Fertility.

Liam O’Leary, Conna, Cork (EBI €227) and Martin Kinane, Ballyglass, Tipperary (EBI €222) take the second and third positions on the podium.

The ICBF says there are now 21 dairy herds surpassing the €200 mark on EBI and 12 new herds making an appearance on the list since the last evaluation run in September.

The average EBI of the Top 200 herds is €188 with €57 coming from the Milk Sub-Index and €101 from the Fertility Sub-Index. This compares with a national average of €125 (Milk €36, Fertility €75).

To see the top 20 herds click image below

Top 20 EBI herds


To access the Top 200 herds, click on the following link – Top 200 Herds on EBI

What is EBI?

EBI is a single figure profit index aimed at helping farmers identify the most profitable bulls and cows for breeding dairy herd replacements.

It comprises of information on six sub-indexes related to profitable milk production. These are; (i) Milk production, (ii) Fertility, (iii) Calving performance, (iv) Beef carcass (v) Maintenance and (v) Health.