Sale Ends Today – 10 Black Friday Weekend Farming Deals You Can’t Miss

Black Friday falls the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, but it’s also really taken off here in Ireland.

So, to celebrate the day, AgriRetailer has some great offers on a range of farming products, from dosing products to wellies.

The day is also regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US, so you could get a head start yourself with these 10 great deals this Black Friday weekend. The sale ends midnight Monday 28th November.

1. Fasinex Super 2.2 Litre

Fasinex Super is for the simultaneous treatment and control of mature and developing immature infections of stomach worms, gut worms and lung worms.

It also treats and controls all forms of liver fluke infection early immature, immature and adult stages in cattle.


2. Trodax 340

As part of AgriRetailer’s Black Friday offer, there’s €40 off Trodax 340 injection treatment for liver fluke and certain roundworm infestations in cattle and sheep.

Anyone availing of this deal, will also receive a FREE winter jacket.


3. Dunlop Wellies

There’s 10% off these Dunlop wellies, which are durable and hard-wearing for a variety of farming applications.

They are insulated down to -20 degrees with a cushioned footbed to ensure all day warmth and comfort. The traction insert improves grip, contoured upper for a great leg fit making these a great set of stylish and practical wellies.

You can’t beat a good pair of wellies!

4. Ivomec Super Injection Housing Pack

AgriRetailer’s Black Friday offer will also see a reduction in price on Ivomec Super Injection 1200ml for cattle.

These great value herd packs includes a free dosing gun and 1200ml of Ivomec Super, enough to do in the region of 120 cattle at 350-450kg.


5. Vink Lime Spreader

This Vink Lime Spreader is a simple hand tool that is powered by a cordless drill which will spread your bedding materials in the boxes very fast and easily.

There’s €30 off the spreader this Black Friday.


6. Himalayan Rock Salt

These Himalayan Rock Salt Licks look very distinctive due to their natural colour, but they are also very beneficial for farm animals.

These salt licks contain mineral salts for animals to supplement their nutrition ensuring they are getting enough minerals in their diets.

Himalayan rock salt licks are literally ‘rock hard’, this means that animals are unable to bite chunks off the block, a problem that can occur with the softer pressed salt lick.

Check out the great discounts on these:


7. La Buvette Double Drinker

The La Buvette Lac 55 drinker is a double cast iron bowl with constant water level. Its valve is protected under stainless steel cover to prevent any damage from livestock.

This drinker has a drain plug for ease of draining bowl. It’s got nearly €30 off for Black Friday!


8. Closamectin 4 in 1 Pour On

Farmers can get a great deal on Closamecin’s 4 in 1 Pour-On this Black Friday, with €50 off.

Closamectin treats mixed trematode (fluke) and nematode or arthropod infestations due to roundworms, lungworms, eyeworms,warbles, mites and lice of cattle, the four in one solution.


9. All Sure Boluses

All Sure Cattle Boluses are slow release boluses for cattle lasting up to six months.

Boluses contain Selenium 500g, Iodine 3400mg, Cobalt 500mg and Copper oxide 30g. Another great offer on these boluses for Black Friday!


10. Technidary Trousers

This is definitely one for the dairy farmers – Technidairy trousers are one of the best selling brands of protective clothing.

These Technidairy trousers are specifically designed to withstand acids often encountered by dairy farmers.

They are also 100% waterfproof and manufactured with the latest lightweight fabrics


All of these offers won’t be around forever as the sale ends at midnight on Monday 28th November, so be sure to get your orders in quick! Agriretailer is also offering free delivery on all orders over €120 with next day delivery included.

There’s even more bargains to be had in this sale so be sure to check out the store for more. View More Black Friday Bargains