Agrinet Farm Management Software

logo-agrinet-colorSince 1994, AgriNet have been helping farmers make the right management decisions for more profitable farming, as well as looking after their legislative requirements.

They cover the complete range of software from grassland management to herd management to financial management.

The team at Agrinet will give the lucky winner a year’s free subscription, training and support to the full suite of Agrinet products which include:

Grass Management Software

The regular measurement of grass, combined with frequent movement of animals between paddocks, will definitely result in the farm growing more tonnes of a higher quality grass. Since grass is the cheapest form of feed this will result in higher farm profits and will help the farm cope during periods of low milk and beef prices.

The use of the key tools, such as the spring rotation planner, the grass wedge, and the grass budget, make this possible. By constantly tracking supply and demand of grass, you can make prompt decisions during times of grass surplus or deficit.

There is a learning curve on how to make the right week to week decisions on grass. A key process for learning is to join online discussion groups within the AgriNet grass site and learn from your peers. This online discussion group is also available to your grass adviser and puts this adviser in a great position to add value to your grass data and help you make the right decisions.

At the end of the growing season the software can identify tonnes grown per hectare on each paddock, which allows you to make good decisions on paddock reseeding

Herd Software

HerdMaster is a full herd management system. As well as meeting all your legislative needs, such as calf registration and Bord Bia/Department of Agriculture inspections, it has a big focus on improved farm profitability in terms of beef margins, milk production, breeding data, fertility improvement and much more.

It links the farm with all the key national organisations such as ICBF, Agfood and Teagasc. In links farm data with marts, meat factories, weighing scales and much more. It works with detailed smart phone software that allows key data to be viewed and record, fully offline, whilst outside.

Farm Accounts

HerdMaster includes a farm accounts system that is tailor made for farming. It allows you to track your own finances as well as preparing data for your accountant, for your discussion group, and for Teagasc eProfit Monitor.

If you want to keep it simple, you can track you’re money on a cash basis. Or, if you want to know more about monies owed or owing, or if you are VAT registered, you can track bills and invoices.

The main process is to track all data through the bank, and do a bank reconciliation to make sure that all balances match with balances in the bank. Then a variety of reports are available for you, your farm adviser and your farm accountant.