yaraThis year, Yara are offering the lucky winner 10 tonnes of a new product – YaraBela Nutri Zincote together with trial work to review its success, which will include broad spectrum soil or leaf analyses.
YaraBela Nutri Zincote is a part of Yara’s new Zincote range, unique to Yara it contains multiple micronutrients as well as essential nitrogen and sulphur provision, using patented technology to look after grass growth and livestock health.

Micronutrient Deficiencies

Recent analysis from ADAS has shown that Irish soils and grass are showing deficiencies in a wide range of micronutrients including zinc and selenium.
These micronutrients are essential for livestock health, if they aren’t present in the food they eat, then you’ll need to provide supplements otherwise the resulting health issues will incur increasing vet bills and threaten production.

Introducing NEW Procote Technology

Every fertilizer granule is coated with zinc, giving consistent landing sites across the field delivering an even application. With this new procote technology, you’ll benefit from:

  • an even micronutrient supply with each fertilizer granule
  • enhanced micronutrient efficiency and crop performance
  • significantly reduced dust and losses compared to powder coatings

Zincote Fertilizer Range

The full Zincote range of fertilizers includes:
YaraBela NutrZincote


    • 25%N + Zn + 5%SO3 + Na Se (Sodium Selenate) (NI)


  • 25%N + Zn + 2%S + Na Se (Sodium Selenate) (RoI)


YaraMila Super Zincote

    • 25-5-5 + Zn + Se + Na (NI)


  • 25-2.2-4.2 + Zn + Se + Na (RoI)


YaraMila Silage Zincote


    • 20-4.5-14.5 + 7.5% SO3 + Zn + Se (NI)


  • 20-2-12 + 3% S + Zn + Se (RoI)


Zero P Zincote

    • 23-0-5 + 4.6% SO3 + Zn + Se (NI)


  • 23-0-4.2 + 1.8% S + Zn + Se (RoI)


About Yara

Yara can look back on close to 50 years of being the brand of choice for quality high N.P.K products in the North of Ireland with different company names and structures , evolving from Fisons , Norsk Hydro via Hydro Agri to Yara Ireland.

Their main focus has been a leading crop nutrition provider specializing in high NPK and nitrogen fertilizers and industrial products. For several decades before this Irish farmers have been enjoying the benefits of their quality fertilizers as they have been a major industrial supplier to other well-known Irish fertilizer companies.

More recently the company focus has been to provide these quality products in Yara branded bags backed by strong agronomic advise, reflecting crop nitrogen requirements which at the same time protects the local environment and water quality.

Their Viking Ship logo is associated by farmers throughout the world from South East Asia to Brazil with high quality fertilizers that improve yield and quality.